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Paul-E Wire to Wire

The date: May the fourth be with you, 2019
The place: Southern Woods Golf Club
The event: The Spring Hill MGA's MGA Championship
The field included 16 from the Spring Hill Gang plus 1 non-medio guest and the esteemed 2018 GML leader from the Pinellas County chapter, Mike Robin.  Everyone made the trip back to Citrus County but on a much nicer course than last month.  We had another first-time winner, a slug-gish finish and for the first time since February no play-off.
First and foremost, thanks again to Downing Funeral Home for sponsoring this tournament.  And thanks to Dawn and Troy for helping out.
Our newest first-time winner was Pauley.  He came out of the gate fast and was in or near the lead the whole way shooting par on 6 of the first 12 holes including four in a row on 9-12.  He staggered home a little at the end but had enough to hold off the chasers.  And unlike the Derby's Maximum Security, there was no interference call to DQ him.
We couldn't fit all of Pauley's hardware into one picture so, in addition to the winner's stuff shown above (trophy, big check and gross award), his other awards are shown following...


Noteworthy also is that we've had 4 first-time winners in all four of our 2019 tournaments so far.  This compares to only 6 medios (including one from Tampa) who won all our tournaments in the first two years.  Vive la compétitivité!

Unfortunately, especially for those who waited until the end, the last foursome finished over an hour behind the group in front of them.  So about half the players bolted before the finish and the awards ceremony went on without them.  Therefore we don't have pictures of all the award winners and I had to cart home a bunch of stuff that I wasn't able to give out.  All I can say is thank goodness we didn't have a play-off to extend things even further.  Hopefully the Slug Index ratings will help me manage this better in the future so please rate the players in your foursome (this is anonymous).
After an excellent round last month which earned him the Stepped in Shit award for low handicap-net score, Mike Sulik went from first to worst this month and earned him the Played Like Shit award for high handicap-net score, a dubious honor.  Of course this award might have gone to Robert West, looking for a three-peat, had he not been pulled away for a family emergency.  There's always next month Robert.
Anywhos, here are the net score results:


Net Handicap Results
Place Player Gross Score Adj. Course Handicap Net Score
1 Paul Normandin 91 32 59
2 Dave Sulik 105 44 61
3 Frank Mendes 92 28 64
4 Pete Bedell 93 27 66
5 Marion Kelley 109 41 68
6 Greg Brown 93 24 69
7 Randy Dunaway 98 29 69
8 Troy McNeal 97 26 71
9 Roy Huden 108 34 74
10 Rob Mongold 108 32 76
11 Craig Domini 112 36 76
12 Greg Bobrowski 103 26 77
13 Charly Osz 109 32 77
14 Lee Hamilton 108 30 78
15 Larry Waterman 112 30 82
16 Mike Sulik 113 30 83


And here are the Skins winners:

Hole 1 (par 4) - Marion Kelley - score 5, net 4
Hole 3 (par 4) - Roy Huden - score 3, net 2
Hole 4 (par 3) - Dave Sulik - score 3, net 2
Hole 9 (par 4) - Paul Normandin - score 4, net 3
Hole 10 (par 4) - Paul Normandin - score 4, net 4
Hole 11 (par 5) - Lee Hamilton - score 4, net 4
Hole 16 (par 4) - Greg Brown - score 4, net 4

Event Results

1.Paul Normandin91$1.35
2.Francisco Mendes92$0.90
3.Pete Bedell93$0.71
3.Greg Brown93$0.71
5.Troy McNeal97$0.60
6.Randy Dunaway98$0.53
7.gregory Bobrowski103$0.45
8.david sulik105$0.38
9.Leroy Hamilton108$0.23
9.Roy Huden108$0.23
9.Robert Mongold108$0.23
12.Marion Kelley109$0.07
12.Charly Osz109$0.07
14.Craig Domini112$0.05
14.Lawrence Waterman112$0.05
16.Mike Sulik113$0.02