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Payback’s a Douche

If it was a calculated move, it was executed to perfection. If it was simply scheduling convenience with a side of karma, it also worked to perfection. However we got here, payback’s a douche. One tournament after South OC member Scott Bruce stole the Fore! Championship from the Orange County Chapter, Clint Davis returned the favor and grabbed the Douchebag visor out from under us in the South OC.

It was close - a one shot victory - but Clint’s net 88 was enough to edge Greg Piper and take home the W. Left with no good options, the South OC will choose to look at the outcome like this: the county crowned two official Douchebags in 2022 and they’re both from the Orange County chapter, where they belong. 

It was a day of tightly packed medio play - with only an 8 shot spread between 2nd place and 10th, and including a three way tie for 4th. The aforementioned Greg “Pipes” also nabbed the Kinda Long Drive award to go with his solo 2nd Place finish, continuing a run of solid play this season. 

The player I suppose we’d be reluctantly obliged to call "the pride of South OC", Quan Ha, nabbed his lowest finish of the season with a solo 7th. While this is directly attributable to his penalty strokes, those in turn are directly attributable to his season-long excellent golf, so none of us are shedding any tears for him. Quan taking home only $0.45 this tourney does sting a bit, but he’s still holding strong at #2 on the Global Money List - and with a high finish in the fast-approaching Last Gasp - has a real shot at the year end Global Money Leader title. Were he to get that done the South OC Chapter would gladly share the glory in Vegas - content knowing he couldn’t have achieved such high heights without us to push him to produce his finest play. 

With the Douchebag being the penultimate regular season tourney we are sadly nearly at an end of the 2022 MGA contests, with only the Last Gasp remaining. Like the tournament name says, it's your last shot at glory for the season, unless you're already qualified for the MGAWC and somehow think you actually have a realistic shot at the belt (you don't). 

So get registered and let’s close the books on 2022 in true South OC medio style.



Event Results

1.Clint Davis88$1.35
2.Greg Piper89$0.90
3.Patrick O'Malley91$0.75
4.Cengiz Tekin94$0.60
4.David Duran94$0.60
4.Kyle Kaplan94$0.60
7.Quan Ha95$0.45
8.Joshua Soliz96$0.38
9.Bobby Barcelona97$0.26
9.Scott Bruce97$0.26
11.Ryan Williams98$0.15
12.Drew Cox101$0.08
13.Chris Jacobson102$0.07
14.Eric Tucker103$0.05
15.Aaron Edwards116$0.04
16.Biz Rudolph130$0.02
17.Matthew KoselDNF$0.00