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A Playoff FORE the Biggest Big Check of the Year

All square after 18, Rookie Bobby and Eric "Bear" Matteson headed to a playoff... 

and a kinda large crowd followed in carts and on foot... 

and it may have been too much pressure for the Rook as Bear smashed his way to victory and Bobby played around in the trees... but good show, I got a feeling your turn will come... 

also Ricky Dick whistled dixie and played barefoot... 

TEMECULA, CA- On 8/8/20 the IEMGA headed down to the Temecula Creek Golf Club for our regular August haunts in the southern IE. It's usually a few degrees cooler than central, north, and especially east, and from what I recall it was a beautiful 91 degrees with 1pm start times. It also helped the course was well shaded throughout and with rare afternoon tee times, we were able to relish in that back 9 Golden Hour where the shadows cast by ancient oak groves remind you that golf makes life a better place no matter your score. Anyways, the course was super awesome. Great conditions. Tough Layout. Fun, Fun, Fun. And although at least one of our Medios isn't a big fan of the demanding target golf type layout of the Stonehouse 9, I heard a bunch of "I loved its", and I must concur. It really tests your shot making imagination and makes you hit clubs that most of us aren't that used to swinging off the tee. But even as much as we collectively loved it, the Oaks 9 is still the unheralded favorite among us. Gently Rolling hills and a real pastoral feel with some more generous bailout areas. There are plenty of pictures of the course on Instagram @iemga or you can follow them directly @tcreekgolfclub if you're interested. If you're in the area and lookin to play, you won't be disappointed at TCI. The unplayed Creek 9 held the one hole playoff on the 1st, which was a medium length dogleg right par 4. It seems like a nice walking 9, will have to come back to play it someday.     

Anyways, our FORE! champion had a solid round and is a fitting champion, as he has multiple times now stepped it up when stakes were the highest. Bear was off to a blistering start on the tougher Stonehouse 9 carding a 40. But even after faultering on the Par 5 11th trying to swing outta his shoes on the Kinda Long Drive hole (Congrats to Bobby who won that at least) Bear managed to hold it together on the back to get into the playoff and bring home his 2nd Win in the IEMGA. And it could be coincidence that both of his wins came while playing in the same group as yours truly, but I believe this dude just loves shining under the spotlight just like he did when he placed in the money at MGAWC18. So don't poke the Bear unless you're ready to get hit...past... way, way, wayyyyyyyyy past.  

Brian "Dr. Bob" Lopez maintained his lead on the money list with an 88 (92 Net) and tied for 3rd place with a surging Lyman "Pain Train" King who claimed his 3rd Top 3 in a row. 2020 Am-Am champions Jstar (91+3) and Brian Carson shared a tie for 5th with net 94's and Bratish Open Champion Devin Hundley was the last Medio to claim over $.50 on the day as he impressively grinded from the Blue Tees for a 92 (+4) and 7th place finish. 2019 Rookie of the Year John Dapsis and 2020 Rookie Kevin "K-Mart" Martin cracked the Top 10 with 98's and Steve "Woody" Woodland rounded out the pack at a 101 and won Most Mediocre on the Day. 

Low Gross on the day went to sophmore Medio Mike Archer, who after claiming his first win at the F.U. Open, rebounded from his disaster on the blues at The Bratish to shoot 79 and DQ for the 1st Time Ever !!! Mike's Sub 80 round marks the 5th for our chapter in a four year span, so he joins Tanner (79) D.Y.(78) Bear(75) and Screw you Kyle (72) in kinda elite company. And to do it on probably the toughest course out of all of um makes it even more impressive. Awesome round dude!!! We'll keep being a placeholder for ya until you join the Korn Ferry tour or actually decide to sell your clubs in the parking lot.   

And as teased yes Ricky took advantage of the plush conditions and thouroughly enjoyed playing his round from like the 3rd hole on completely barefoot. No one could really blame him although no one else as far as I know joined him this time. And as always he added his own special sort of hijinks that you really had to be there to believe so just hope you get paired with him sometime in the future and get another story of your own. He added to his unchallenged chapter record amount of Red Keys but only just barely, Cause Ole Wild Turkey had a day also...


When you say this Stat it sounds kinda crazy but... Jeff has never broke 120 in a tourney in Temecula. He has also never shot over 109 in any tournament outside of Temecula. Whatever it is, it's got a spell on you... do do do, do do do...

Event Results

1.Eric Matteson91$1.71
2.Robert Smith91$1.14
3.Brian Lopez92$0.90
3.Lyman King92$0.90
5.Josh Olson94$0.71
5.Brian Carson94$0.71
7.Devin Hundley96$0.57
8.John Dapsis 98$0.43
8.Kevin Martin98$0.43
10.Steve Woodland101$0.29
11.Andrew Dominici102$0.14
11.Myles Frazier102$0.14
13.Jason Moyer104$0.08
13.Gilbert Tiedt104$0.08
15.Christopher Garcia106$0.05
16.Markus Doll107$0.03
17.Jeff Olson120$0.00
18.Richard Dunham125$0.00
19.Mike ArcherDQ$0.00