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Pleasanton's THIRD TIE This Year and We Can't Add

I am literally only writing this because Larry Morgan will think I didn't do it because he tied for the victory this time.

Well...I guess I should recap the last two tournaments before I go on about how Larry Morgan and Mike Shimabukuro tied this weekend.  We initially did not know about the tie because Larry reported a 82 but then the computer got involved and added his score correctly to an 81 giving him a net 85 instead of the 86 he thought he had. Shimabukuro is the tentative winner for now because he added correctly.

So real quick...Larry won the Fore! Championship in May (when I coincidentally got "too busy" to write these articles...) with Mike Drews and Zach Aguirre rounding out the top 3. Long Drive went to Tyler Marshall and the closest to the pin went to Bob Rossi. Bob's been on fire since May. June, Billy Ortiz snakes out the victory at Metropolitan on the calmest day on record at the course with his unbelievable 83 which is now setting him back in the pack due to the additional penalty strokes.  Mike Drews comes in with another strong showing for second place (can't get that victory can ya?) and Mike Shimabukuro and Zach Aguirre tied for third. If this were the Tour, Zach would have slipped by Billy for the victory, alas, this is the MGA Tour so his 6 penalty strokes dropped him in the pack.  Shimabukuro takes the closest to the pin honors while the Long Drive goes to a Rossi....BOB ROSSI!! I guess no one could find the fairway and Bob's monster steady down the middle drives takes it for his first ever long drive honors.

And now to finish up for MGA Pleasanton's inaugural round at the new Jack Clark South Course at Corica Park (where the GPS was wrong the entire time and the cart girls decided to laugh at us and drive on rather than sell us beers)...As mentioned, Larry Morgan and Shimabukuro tied and there will be a putt-off at Boundary Oaks in Walnut Creek next month. These two will have 6 weeks to hone in their skills before that tournament.

Rounding out the Top 5 were Mike Drews (you're slipping Drews!) in third, Kelleher and his cheating blue flag brought him in to fourth, and the Steves (Pricer and Flashberger) tied for 5th. Tyler Marshall allegedly bombed his drive to take the Longest Drive away from me.  Meanwhile, my 50' closest to the pin didn't hold up as Ken Silman decided to best me by 35+ feet to claim his first Closest to the Pin of the year. Biggest Meltdown Awards go to Bill Bailey, Steve Pricer, and Billy Ortiz. 

Overall, lots of positives about the new South Course (with the exception of the GPS issues). True to the North Course, the distance is not what will get you but all the trouble around it.

Event Results

1.Mike Shimabukuro85$1.26
2.Larry Morgan85$0.84
3.Michael Drews86$0.70
4.Mark Kelleher89$0.63
5.Steve Pricer90$0.53
5.Steve Flashberger90$0.53
7.zachary aguirre91$0.35
7.RB Rossi91$0.35
7.Ken Silman91$0.35
10.Alex Bowman92$0.18
10.Tyler Marshall92$0.18
12.Jerid Sandoval93$0.07
12.Bob LeClair93$0.07
14.Jeffrey Webster95$0.05
15.Bob Rossi98$0.04
16.Brad Byrns 101$0.02
17.Billy Ortiz102$0.00
17.Chris Wolff102$0.00
19.Bill Bailey120$0.00

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Alex is a wonderful person all be it a bit tardy. Anyway I shamed him into getting us caught up other wise we wouldn't have a clue because 95% of the chapter just leaves after the round and doesn't hang out together to talk shit and drink after the round. See these thing are important to know as we head into the 2nd half of the season in determining world cup money standings and who we want to invite to Vegas to represent the chapter. We need to know who has the liver and huspah to rep.

I agree....Our chapter sucks balls.....!! Boom Chacalaca