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Rebel Beach Am-Am 2020

It was a great day at Atoscocita Golf Club. The competition was fierce and the mediocrity was flowing. With a sudden death putt off for the Am-Am title the crowd was certainly on their feet.

That photo says it all ladies and gentleman. H-Town MGA made a true showing in what some would call "The event of the year." The athleticism was unprecedented and the crowd was wild. Stadler, fresh off an ankle injury, put up an astonishing 131. I mean seriously, how good do you have to be in order to hit the ball 131 times. . .. . . . . . . . . Miraculous. d'Angelo took home most mediocre, while Hall had the greatest meltdown in Am-Am history. Let's not forget the stellar performance by Castro that led to his Red Key victory and Kondrets superb long drive. Despite Coleman taking home both the low gross award and closest to the pin, the title was just out of reach as Davidson took home the glory. Well that's all we have time for today folks. We hope you enjoyed this H-Town MGA broadcast and we look forward to seeing you again. Until next time. . . . stay mediocre.

Event Results

1.James Davidson100$1.12
2.Scott Coleman100$0.74
3.Mark Lancaster101$0.62
4.Thomas Kondret103$0.53
4.shawn harvey103$0.53
6.Kelly Johnson105$0.40
6.Jeff Simer105$0.40
8.David d'Angelo106$0.28
8.Jeremiah Davidson106$0.28
10.Skyler Browning109$0.16
10.David Rodriguez109$0.16
12.Joshua Davidson112$0.06
13.Noah Johnson115$0.06
14.Justin Aubrey124$0.04
15.Teddy Davis129$0.03
16.Michael Stadler131$0.02
17.Corbin Hall147$0.00
18.Jacob Castro177$0.00