Chapter News

Rebel Beach Am Am

Andy Wright and Chris Loera return after two years to defend the Am Am title. Craig "T-Rex" Knox wins the big check in his first event. Lots of great outfits but I think Steve "Dream" Weaver And David "Sxy Ocho" take the cake with the Taco Cat romper. Lots of new faces this year including our first female player Janet Kleven. What an epic start to the season I cant wait for the next tournement and see what this year brings. 

Event Results

1.Craig Knox88$1.12
2.Jim Cozzolino89$0.68
2.Chris Loera89$0.68
4.Gary Williams90$0.56
5.David "SXY Ocho" Rodriguez 91$0.50
6.Keith Howard92$0.40
6.Ted Williams92$0.40
8.Erik Angelo93$0.31
9.Jon Whipple94$0.25
10.Steve Weaver96$0.19
11.Randy Hubbs97$0.07
11.stuart Porter97$0.07
11.Greg Houston97$0.07
11.Casey Derosier97$0.07
15.Rick Northcott99$0.02
15.Andrew Wright99$0.02
17.Dave "Hitman" Blythe100$0.00
17.Tim Norwood100$0.00
17.David Cooper100$0.00
20.Derek Williams101$0.00
21.Brandon Schildts 102$0.00
22.Ramon *EL LOCO* Mendoza104$0.00
23.craig price105$0.00
24.Shawn Parker106$0.00
25.Big Boy Diablo Valichnac107$0.00
25.Brian Scott107$0.00
27.Neil Soileau112$0.00
28.Evan Titterington113$0.00
28.Ken Johnson113$0.00
28.Rich Korona113$0.00
28.Ryan Cozzolino113$0.00
32.andrew titterington115$0.00
32.Janet Kleven115$0.00
32.Kelly Hearnen115$0.00
35.Chris Hansen 117$0.00
36.Les Sakson128$0.00
37.Brian Vacha129$0.00
37.Stephen Franklin129$0.00