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Record Number Of Golfers Set To Have Their Dreams Crushed At MGAWC21

LAS VEGAS, NV - In just one short month, 346-ish kinda alright golfers will descend upon Vegas for the beloved fall tradition, the MGA World Championship. With such huge demand, the Born Hairy Tour Championship will be back as well, featuring a record number of competitors.

Born Hairy competitors are fighting not only to try and win their event, but also to claim a coveted top-16 finish, which guarantees them a qualified spot in the next MGAWC. In 2019, there was a big nasty 5-way… tie for 15th, meaning a total of 19 players earned qualified spots in the next WC. They had no idea they’d have to wait 24 months to cash those checks; but the long wait did little to dampen their enthusiasm, as all but one of them is back to compete for The Belt this year.

The LO-IQ has been eliminated at the MGAWC for 2021, which means that any player who starts round 1 at Revere will have a shot to win The Belt. As always, the top 10 from each chapter and any tournament winners from the 2021 season are automatically qualified and placed on Revere. From there, we take all the “golfers” who finished 11th on their Chapter Money List, then all the 12th place finishers, then 13th and so on until Revere is full.

The cut line is a bit of a moving target, as most chapters still haven’t played their Last Gasp, but it appears the cut may fall somewhere around 20th. So if you’re sitting just below that number on your CML, you better get your shit together for the Last Gasp!

2019 World Champ Dan Butz is back to defend and hopefully will remember to bring The Belt with him. He’s certainly bringing a few more Central Coast medios with him this time!

After an exhaustive search, the Medio Cup has been found safe and sound and will soon be on its way to Vegas. Apparently, we allowed the World Team Captain Dan Nelson to take it home after his team “defeated” San Francisco 5-5 for the second straight year to retain The Cup.

For you newbs, the Medio Cup is a Ryder Cup style event played during round one that pits 12 (Top 10 ranked and 2 captains picks) World Medios versus 12 San Francisco medios. For you newbs who REALLY don’t have a clue what’s going on, San Francisco (the home of the MGA) is America in this Ryder Cup scenario and your rag-tag team of no-names is Europe.

The Chapters Cup is a bit more democratic. If a chapter has at least 3 members at Revere, they’re in. If they're lucky enough to have more than 3 at Revere, we will take the best 3 scores available and add them up. Lowest 3-score total wins the Chapters Cup.

The Cup has spent most of its 9-year existence in San Francisco, with brief one-year prison sentences in Salt Lake City (2014) and DFW (2018).

Big numbers always improve a Chapter’s chances at winning The Cup and a few chapters are bringing the heat this year. San Francisco has solid representation of 14 medios, but OC is kicking down the door with 24, West Valley is parading in with 23 and Reno won’t be overshadowed with 20.

If you missed the registration deadline and you're kicking yourself for it, you're in luck. We have a few hotel rooms left in our block and a couple extra swag bags ordered; so if you want to sneak in late, shoot us an email at to see if there's any space left.

It's been far too long and we can't wait to see everyone!

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Had a blast. We'll done medios. Hope to see ya'll next year.