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Records shattered all around

Season five has barely just begun and already records are being shattered in the Tampa MGA.   The goal for the year was to beat last year's membership by five, we blew past that before the first event!   You guys & gals rock!   That membership number helped us surge way past our opening event attendance record by 14 players.   More records set, read on to find the one simple trick to setting new records....

With membership records shattered before the season even started, this year was already looking promising.   Poof, mind blown when the signups for the Rebel Beach Am Am peaked at 40 players which destroyed our previous year's max of 26 players.   A few of us ventured out to annual Golfest at Tampa Bay Downs to try to build the field which meant our season venues were put in place well in advance of the season starting  (another record albeit a minor one).  The enthusiasm of the chapter couldn't be summarized better than the smiles in this picture of all the players who didn't make into the top 16. 

Summerfield Crossing was bumped up in the season and it did not disappoint with the different challenges that it presented from the usual saturated fairways we've played in the past when it was scheduled during the rainy season here.   The firm fairways favored those players that kept it low and were rewarded with lots of roll.   As seen on a few plays though, the snap hook or slicers were penalized a little extra because those balls launched sideways and kept going once they hit.  The dryness also made the giant almost neverending waste areas a little more challenging to escape.   My father, Mike, will attest to that as he was marrooned in one on 15 for a while.  No worries, he had a volleyball to keep him company on that beach.

Newcomer TJ Peele *won* on his first event in the MGA, he has been awarded the covetted "Key to the Red Tees" .  This little treasure unlocks great potential to smoke the competition on the course of his choosing by giving him the advantage of hitting from the Red Tees.   

Mark Eads had a spectacular meltdown on the back nine,  the legends of that meltdown have not yet been fully told, but the scorecard doesn't lie.  He blew up, but not to worry.  In true MGA fashion, we have a solution for that.  Mark was awarded the therapeutic MGA Meltdown stressball award to help cope with the vigorous demands of being an MGA tour card player.

John Burgess took home the Golden M as the most Mediocre in the pack.  (being most mediocre also garners the most mediocre writeup)

Taking home the all new "awards" for Long Drive and Closest to the pin  with "I'm kinda Long" and "I'm Kinda Close" stickers,  two rookies snagged the honors.  Daniel Verchot blasted a drive so far out that a few members asked if the long drive marker had even been put out.  #beastmode    I was lucky enough to witness the drive that took home the Closest to the pin honors.  Fellow rookie Doug Danna hit a drive so pure that as it spun back around the hole it looked like we might have our first ace.   For those that are in suspense, yes he did make the putt for a meagle, or would it be a "mole in one" or a "mace"?  Alas, Doug didn't join the skins though and Doc - one putt- Schaub snagged a skin with another deuce on that tricky hole.


The curse of the lost shootouts is finally broken!  Tom "Mr.Shootout" Wilkes has played in and LOST four shootouts!  (yet another Tampa MGA record).   Today was a different day though.  Even with Bruce Campbell nipping closely at his heels with his career best finish of second place,  Tom was able to blow by the competition with an 83!   Shooting a spectacular par round on the front nine, Tom was able to keep his game together on the back and not fall apart and not wind up in a fifth shootout.  Together with a solid showing from his partner Bret Fuller, they took home the kinda big check and the Rebel Beach Am Am trophies.   Congratulations Mr. Shootout, we'll have to think of a new nickname for you now that the curse has been lifted!

As always, please don't forget to thank our generous sponsor, Ed Morse Cadillac / Mitsubishi Tampa.   We are grateful for their continued support!

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What a great time! Never has sucking at golf been so much Great group of people!