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Red Thunder Does it Again (In Playoff)

Why is Matt called "Red Thunder", maybe because his is the daddy to Patrick and Shawn?? We will never know, or will we?

I am not going to bore you with how pretty the course was or how we all played, WE ALL KNOW! This was our 2nd playoff for the year and Matt one both to claim his 2nd trophy and big check of the year. What makes this playoff even more was done in true Mediocre fashion.

We were almost into double digits for a par 4, enough said.

Event Results

1.Matthew Lee89$0.84
2.Zach Sloman 89$0.56
3.Daniel Peters90$0.44
3.Shawn Jolley90$0.44
5.Chris Richardson95$0.37
6.Jason Uebelhoer 96$0.33
7.Jose Aguayo97$0.28
8.Ben Masuga107$0.23
9.Joshua Thigpen109$0.19
10.Jesse Rowe111$0.14
11.Basir Robertson114$0.09
12.Courtney Elizabeth Zorn Sloman125$0.05

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