Chapter News

Reese picks up 1st check on tour in Balt!

At the Woodlands, Ryan Reese (88) narrowly escapes Mat Coughlin (89) to take the prize!

Event Results

1.Ryan Reese88$1.35
2.Mat Coughlin89$0.90
3.Joe Busch92$0.71
3.Bill Wyatt III92$0.71
5.Matt Reaves93$0.60
6.Matt Cougle94$0.45
6.Eric Bomgardner94$0.45
6.Kevin Showe94$0.45
9.Mark Hill95$0.30
10.Bernard Settle96$0.19
10.Charles Wentz96$0.19
12.George Cunningham97$0.08
13.Jeff Simmons98$0.07
14.Garland Griswold99$0.04
14.Derek Patro99$0.04
14.Timothy shannon99$0.04
17.Joshua Wolinsky100$0.00
17.Mark Mickley100$0.00
19.James Wyatt102$0.00
20.Mike Clare103$0.00
21.Noah Kiehle104$0.00
22.Clifford Jordan107$0.00