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*Reese wins again!!

What a beautiful display of Freedom and Unity from the Baltimore Medios at The Woodlands this past weekend. The Red, White, and Blue were proudly displayed along with the laughter and fun that is the MGA Baltimore chapter.

The day started with Chapter Leader Noah Kiehle commandeering the starters house station which turned into a great way to meet new people as many thoughts he was an employee of the course. “It’s better to ask forgiveness than ask permission” was his response to putting up the Baltimore sign in front of the window at the starters house.  The Mid-Atlantic Chapters Cup trophy was on center display and even the cart girl found time to stop and take a picture of Noah and the trophy.

The most patriotic national anthem to date centered around the duet of Josh Benson and Mike Dye as they sang their perfectly harmonized rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner. Chuck Wentz served as personal flag bearer for the opening ceremonies where he went all out to not be out done for the second year in a row for the “Most Patriotic” award. He impressed the cart girl enough to get her vote as she gladly judged the best dressed competition on the side of the 18th green after the round.

The weather finally cooperated and it was a beautiful day for an MGA event in Baltimore. With 22 Medios turning up for this years Freedom and Unity Open the day before Father’s Day, the stage was set for a memorable day. The “fun” group looked to be that of Chuck Wentz, Mike Dye, Josh Benson, and newcomer Matt Duda as pictures flooded in from their patriotic colors to shenanigans on the tee boxes. This form of play resulted in a Long Drive Award (Mike) and a Closest to the Pin award (Josh) from the group. “Last month I was told by ‘The Face That Runs This Place’ that the MGA is meant to be fun and to not take it too seriously. I listened and relaxed and had a blast today,” Benson would say in a post round interview at the beverage cart.

But it would be a 2-man race from the beginning as Ryan Reese (40) and Noah Kiehle (41) would lead the pack at the hot dog house at the turn. As for the rest of the bunch, it seemed to be the thick long grass and undulating greens that would be victorious. As most members found better success on the back 9, it was still Ryan and Noah in the lead after 18 holes. A tie at net 90 found us ready for another thrilling putt off for the chapter. Or did it?

The historical 175yd par 3, hole 10 of Diamond Ridge sat there next to us ready to be explored again. After a quick group photo on the tee box, it seemed only fitting that our first ever playoff hole in Baltimore should take place on such an historic site. Both Noah and Ryan found the water on their tee shots as is a common occurrence on this hole, however both chose the “non-conventional” approach to not take a drop in front of the water but the smarter play of using the Drop Zone. I mean that is why they put them there right? Nothing special happened from their as they both found themselves carding 5’s and still tied. One spectator explained to this reporter that “5+5= 10; their combined scores are still 4 shots better than a number carded by one Medio here less than 2 years prior.”
The official Baltimore Play off Putter was retrieved on the practice green and it was Ryan Reese adding another trophy to the mantle. With his 8th championship to his name Ryan becomes the winningest player in the modern era of the Baltimore Chapter tying 2 original members Jon Mirkin and Dan Moyer for most decorated winner in the chapter. If anyone knows them, let’s try to wake them up from retirement and invite them back to the MGA now that their records are ready to be broken.

Mid-Atlantic Chapters Cup MVP Will Hook would finish with the Mediocre Award, Dennis Bryant’s meltdown of 11 strokes won him the stress ball, Willie Carlisle would win the Money hole, and Kevin Showe showed everyone how to make a putt with the Longest Putt Award.

 Paul Jester’s 128 would be a runaway favorite for the Red Key award. This reporter can in fact confirm that Paul was already practicing the national anthem for next time early on the front 9 as it just was not his day, or week for that matter as his clubs were stolen earlier in the week I would like to report that this might be the first time in MGA history that a member’s clubs took first and last place in the same event as it was Ryan Reese who came through with an extra set of clubs so Paul could play. Personally, I think he would have probably done better with a set of Hello Kitty golf clubs from a future MGA member; those clubs have been used to clear the water on a par 3 before.

The Mid-Atlantic Chapters Cup continues its tour to The Links of Challedon next month for Baltimore’s last major of the year, the Bratish Open on July 13th. Hope to see everyone out there.

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