Chapter News

The results are in for the Las Vegas FU Championship

The 2018 FU Championship is in the books ! We have crowned a first time winner and it only took him 3 years to do it ! Scott “ pancake” Flanigan has taken home the prize  of a $00000001 and 35 penny’s ! Scott came in at a 86 score !  But wait there’s more ,,,,,,,  we actually had a 3 way tie for first play with Scott , Ron Stoppable and Eric Callner so we took it to a putt off ! First time ever , 3 guys to see who wins the prize and Pancake started it off and hi putt held ! It was a sports center highlight , The medicos were all around with cheers and boos but Scott stood tall and drifted the putt in there ! We had a lot of first out there today . Our local pro’s were out there trying to break 80 but they missed ! Joe Neilson and clint Cartwright were killing the course but there MGA handicap put them in there place !!  Bahahahah ,, this is Mga not PGA . 

It’s a honor to golf with all my Las Vegas MGA friends . You guys are a great chapter and we will rock it in November when we represent Las Vegas in the World Championship .

winner - Scott Flanigan

most mediocre - Rick Mosca , 2 times in a row

biggest meltdown - Clint Cartwright

longest drive - Bruce Morrill

Closest to the pin - James “Popeye “ Sheldonpape

Gross award -Joe Neilson

and of course the red Key award goes to Marco Farrarons 

all placements will be posted at the bottom of the article .

next event ,, Las Vegas Bratish Open 2018  on July 8Th will be on July 1st at Royal Links ,break out your royal wear because its on ! Scott enjoy the tips from way out there .hole #4 your gonna need a cannon ! 

Event Results

1.Scott Flanigan86$1.35
2.Ron Stoppable86$0.83
2.Eric Callner86$0.83
4."The Kevin Williams"89$0.64
4.Robert Shannon89$0.64
6.Brian Eller90$0.49
6.Anthony Carrillo90$0.49
8.Eric Lamont91$0.20
8.Bruce Morrill91$0.20
8.James Sheldonpape91$0.20
8.Garth Meacham91$0.20
8.Rick Mosca91$0.20
8.Joe Neilson91$0.20
14.Rob Melvin93$0.05
15.Clint Cartwright94$0.04
16.Heather Gorey96$0.02
16.Jordan Jarvis96$0.02
18.Sharon Witt100$0.00
18.Scott Ferguson100$0.00
20.Shaun Gonzalez103$0.00
21.Brian Sweeney104$0.00
22.Rich Young105$0.00
23.Charles Carr106$0.00
24.Marco Farrarons108$0.00