Chapter News

Riggs breaks through and wins the Bratish with 12th putter this year

BIG NEWS:  No Playoff!!!  Clear winner for a nice change.

Brent Riggs plays out of his mind and shoots an 83 on a difficult OGA course.  Made it look easy, especially with 11 Envroll putters in his bag.  Great shooting Tex.  Brady Sieg shoots an 80 for low gross and 2nd place.  4 way tie for third, etc.  Ray, blah, blah Joe....Don, whiskey...

Dan 'Big Hitter' Dillion had the long drive.  #8 KP was snagged by Jason Warner.  KP on #17 was had by Mr. Brent Riggs.  The only the guy to hit the green.  Max MCutcheon beat out Mark Woodword for the biggest meltdown and it was ginormous.  13 strokes.  New Olympic Record.  Jim Stein was the Most Mediocre and Ryan Coffelt got the Key to Red Tee.

A big shout out to Darrell Doust for buying beers and food.  Give him a call if you need or know someone who needs a Realtor.  Thanks Darrell.

In other news, Jeremy Huttner got an 8 on 18 to still card an 81.  He'll tell you the story if you are interested.  Also, Zac stuck around, thinking he might win.




Event Results

1.Brent Riggs83$1.26
2.Brady Sieg84$0.84
3.Zac Drllevich85$0.60
3.David Ingraham85$0.60
3.Andy Arnone85$0.60
3.Jason Warner85$0.60
7.Raymond Pierott88$0.42
8.Shane Shidaker89$0.35
9.joseph castillo90$0.28
10.Jeremy Huttner91$0.18
10.B.J. Koppert91$0.18
12.Anthony Perez93$0.07
13.Ken Vaughn95$0.05
13.Shad Schafer95$0.05
13.Darrell Doust95$0.05
16.Casey Hanel96$0.02
16.Jim Stein96$0.02
18.Alex Strocsher97$0.00
19.Josh Perry98$0.00
19.Jeff Stanton98$0.00
19.ed solari98$0.00
19.Richard Wine98$0.00
19.Tripp Peters98$0.00
19.Daniel Earnshaw98$0.00
25.Don Sorber99$0.00
26.Rick McCutcheon100$0.00
26.Dan Dillon100$0.00
28.Brett Paddock101$0.00
29.Mark Woodward102$0.00
29.Tye Harwood102$0.00
31.Maxwell McCutcheon106$0.00
32.Ryan Coffelt111$0.00
33.Brent JochimDNF$0.00