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Rockin Rebel Am Am

The rains trickled to a halt about an hour before the first tee time.  The cool spring breezes cascaded off of the mountains towards the Broadmoor Gold Course.  The sweet calls of songbirds filled the air signaling that special time when the MGA returned.  Our chapter, a full 20 strong on this mighty day, enjoyed a Rebel Am Am like no other.  

The dynamic John and Jan duo arrived first and set the stage for a great day with their outstanding matching outfits.  We had Asheville's own former world champion, Nick, descend from the country club to grace us with his presence (and DQ like the pro that he is).  Several other teams arrived with matching shirts making for a colorful turnout of personalities and golf games.  The pace was brisk, the golf was mediocre but the vibe was definitely dope.

Many thanks to those of you who have stood by the Asheville Chapter.  I appreciate all of you for being good sports and making this event go as smoothly as possible.  Congrats to our two man team of Caleb and Glenn for taking the first tournament.  And to all of our new folks, who showed true courage for turning out for this mediocre league, I send a warm heart felt thank you.  You now see what we are all about!

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Panel Of Experts (2)


Nice write up and congrats on a successful outing.

Thanks! Appreciate the kind words.