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Rookie Claims First Win in the Rain

The 2024 Rebel Beach AmAm was postponed due to rain in March, just to be rescheduled 8 week later, yup you guessed it IN THE RAIN!!! With a record field of 32 Medios showing up to Mt. Pleasant for another fun afternoon of MGA festivities in Baltimore.

Despite the “not perfect” weather conditions and being the only ones at the course (no seriously when we started the course was completely empty besides the staff and the guys of the Baltimore MGA), a good day was had by all.

Anthony Young started the show with his rendition of the National Anthem. No that is not a typo, Anthony just enjoys singing so much this was his 3rd time leading the group since the tradition was created. Just for those who may be thinking it is not fair, this reporter would like to let everyone know that Anthony was part of the committee who first voted on the idea to have the Red Key winner to sing the Star Spangled Banner to start the next event. Anthony is one of the guys who “Get It” and for that I am thankful for.

Despite the forecasted rain all day long, it subsided after the first group entered the second tee box and would hold off for most of the group until the end. Rookie Scott Striegel did not seem to mind the rain as he was almost good enough to DQ but managed to come in at a brilliant 80 net 86 for his first career big check. When asked about his day, he mentioned that he was not supposed to have played as he had a prior commitment. “Once I saw there were a record number of competitors in the tournament, I did not want to be left out of this important milestone. I canceled my plans and begged to be added last minute to round out the field.” This was a great decision for Scott as he “gets it” and recognized no plans are bigger than an MGA event.

No surprise to anyone in the Baltimore MGA that George “the Longest Hitter in MGA” Cunningham would take the Kinda Long award. Rookie Mitch Frances would be Kinda Close and Bill Wyatt would not be out done on the 18th green as his putt would hold up to win the longest putt ball mark award. Sammy Smutz would take another gross award with his second DQ in a row... big whoop!

The Josh Rookies would put up the fight for the Red Key this month, as Benson’s 124 would top Porter’s 116 at the end of the list.  After diving back into the archives, it does me great pleasure to announce that with a meltdown of 16 strokes, Josh Porter would match another Josh: Baltimore Long time veteran Josh Wolinski and Former Chapter Leader Garland Griswald now have company at 2nd place on the all time Melt Down list here in Baltimore. Don’t worry Jimmy, your meltdown of 19 strokes still is safe for at least 1 more event.

As for the team results, after 5 years of mediocrity the team of Ryan Reese and Eric Bomgardner finally were able to get their schedules in sync to work out as they took home the double headed trophies together. This reporter would like to remind everyone of the first time this pair was supposed to team up in 2020, but Eric screwed over Ryan and dumped him for what he thought was a better offer. Noah Kiehle rode in like a knight in shining armor to rescue Ryan from the verge of depression and embarrassment. The team of the Shark and the Stingray (if you know, you know) went on to win the team event that year in record fashion to overshadow Eric’s singles victory that day.  #EricSucks would become a common term in Baltimore MGA Lore from then on.

 (The hats are on display in the MGA Hall Of Fame at “World Headquarters” in San Fransico)

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