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Runaway at The Last Gasp

Randy Dunaway gets the runaway win with his last gasp effort at The Last Gasp at World Woods Golf Club (Rolling Oaks) on October 5th.  After several close's without a cigar, his first win propels him to 3rd place on the chapter money list for 2019.  Atta boy Randy!

Thanks to our sponsors again this year, Downing Funeral Home and Livengood Insurance.

Thanks also to those that helped out your overworked and underpaid chapter leader.  This includes Johnny Botts, Marion and Paul who were the creative team behind out new chapter outfits.  It also includes Don, Paul and especially Dawn who helped me out before and after the tournaments.  And thanks to my right-hand man Troy who made many contributions of his ideas and time to help me out (and for connecting me with Dawn too!).


@cosz71 goes for the shot of the day. #shfllastgasp19 #rootofallevil

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Yet another one of our #mediocremoments at #shfllastgasp19.

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Some of us also went to an after-after party after Beef's.  Spring Hill medios can see those photos and videos (dancing and singing included) posted in the Spring Hill MGA Group on Facebook (let your chapter leader know if you have not joined this group yet and want to).

Event Results

1.Randy Dunaway83$1.12
2.Pete Bedell88$0.74
3.Donald Nogiewich94$0.59
3.JJ Gee 94$0.59
5.Francisco Mendes96$0.50
6.Greg Brown98$0.43
7.David Smith99$0.37
8.Troy McNeal100$0.25
8.Mike Sulik100$0.25
8.gregory Bobrowski100$0.25
11.Roy Huden101$0.12
12.James Perushek103$0.05
12.Robert Mongold103$0.05
12.Paul Normandin103$0.05
15.Roy Fiehler104$0.03
16.John Ward105$0.02
17.david sulik108$0.00
18.Charly Osz113$0.00
19.Lawrence Waterman114$0.00
20.Marion Kelley116$0.00
21.Craig Domini121$0.00
22.John Grochowicz131$0.00