Chapter News

Runner-up no more - Olivo grabs hold of the Jugs!

DATELINE SANIBEL, FL -- It's been a frustrating year for tour rookie Kevin Olivo. After narrowly missing out on two victories by a total of one stroke, Olivo would be denied no longer.

The champ fell short in the Bastards, losing in a putt-off. Same story for the MGA, where breaking 90 still wasn't good enough to take the trophy home. This time, on a surprisingly pleasant July morning, Olivo left no doubt. The Dunes is a course that rewards accuracy, with ultra-tight fairways surrounded, and water heavily in play on 17 of 18 holes. Kevin was up to the challenge, firing off an impressive 87 to be rewarded with the most coveted trophy in all of golf.

In other news, we welcomed our newest member to the fold, Doug Burbridge. That puts Fort Myers at 42 members. Doug showed he fit in with us from the first tee, where he duck-hooked his inaugural MGA shot into the bushes near the tennis courts. Welcome to the mediocre fam!

Red Key legend Curtis Horton picked up his second straight last place finish, after being shut out earlier in the year. He's back in a big way.

Fort Myers' shitty chapter leader completely spaced out and forgot to pick up the long drive and closest to the pin markers, so nobody picked up any money clips this time around. Yuri Rojas earned the meltdown in a big way. After carding a decent 50 on the front nine, he proceeded to go 17 strokes worse on the back.

Major season is finished, and things are tightening up for the last three tournaments in the chapter money list. Every month, the stands flip on their head, so stay tuned.

Event Results

1.Kevin olivo87$1.26
2.doug leitch88$0.84
3.Joseph Laukaitis92$0.67
3.Stephen Seagly92$0.67
5.Timothy Gunn96$0.53
5.Chris Hunt96$0.53
7.Chris Dohrn97$0.42
8.Mike Nowak98$0.35
9.Sean Hart99$0.28
10.Vincent Abbatiello100$0.21
11.William Elliott101$0.14
12.Chad Johnson102$0.07
13.Jacob Hoskins103$0.06
14.Jarid Laukaitis 105$0.04
14.Andrew Starnes105$0.04
16.Stephan Starnes108$0.02
17.Frank Rivera111$0.00
18.gerald alfano117$0.00
18.Yuri Rojas117$0.00
20.doug burbridge119$0.00
21.Chris Dutch121$0.00
22.Mark Stewart128$0.00
23.Curtis Horton130$0.00