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Ryan Morgan Destroys the Field (I know, we're all surprised)

What a truly momentous occasion...the guy that won 5 of the 8 Most Mediocre awards last year showed up and won it ALL at the second annual Bastards tournament.  Ryan took home the Bastards hat, the big check, closest to the pin, the long drive, and (somehow) the meltdown award. Good luck from the BLUES next month mother fucker.

We had two new members this week (Dan D and Andrew). We truly appreciate you guys bringing people on because it ultimately makes it cheaper for all of us and makes the whole experience more fun...especially when the new people aren't douche-bags!

One of our two new members (Andrew) had the game of his life and shot a 72 (that's par for the course in case you aren't familiar with it).  Congrats Andrew!  Of course, he was immediately disqualified from every award (except the tiny trophy) for being way too good. Be less good next time man, we believe in you. Hang in there Andrew.

Our other new member, Dan D, stepped in and demonstrated a level of true mediocrity that we haven't seen since Ethan's performance at Jackson Park last year.  I can't think of a better way to enter this league than walking away with the red key on your first round.  You, sir, are truly mediocre and we welcome you with open arms! Enjoy the red tees next month (or two putt max, your choice).

Finally, our most coveted award is the "Most Mediocre" (which Ryan unsuccessfully made a play for at the last minute). This award went to Steven who, by his own standards, was decidedly mediocre today.  Ethan was on the course with Steven providing general encouragement and was quoted as saying "I think your purse got in the way of that putt", and "why don't you just throw your purse at it", and other old man quips that are worn out but still funny after 12 beers.

All in all a great round won by a local favorite that everyone thought deserved it but never thought would actually win it unless nobody else showed up.  Yay Ryan!


Event Results

1.Ryan Morgan91$0.79
2.Daniel Charleston100$0.53
3.David Schmitz101$0.42
3.Steven Baybutt101$0.42
5.Shane Legleiter103$0.35
6.Brice Legleiter111$0.31
7.Ervin Rabor113$0.26
8.Ethan Mandziara116$0.22
9.Daniel Donovan125$0.18
17.Andrew NilsenDQ$0.00

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