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SFMGA 2021 Calendar Finalized Early AF!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - In a year where getting a tee time on a weekend is damn near impossible, I managed to book 224 of them! Not only that, all of the events are up on the site and waiting for your registration. I booked for 28 players at each event and I reckon it will be tough to add spots after the fact, so I strongly encourage you register early if you KNOW you're going to make it to an event.

Unfortunately, some of the high end courses had to be dropped, as pretty much every course out there seems to have jacked up rates 20-30% in the last year. But I'm happy with the schedule we ended up with and I'm looking forward to our first event at Callippe Preserve! It's pretty much an hour away from everyone except Rob Kristie, so I don't want to hear any bitching about the drive. You may however still bitch about Rob Kristie.

The Cross Bay Cup returns to its traditional spot, just after the F.U. Open. So you'll need to be top 10 on the SF Money List after the F.U. if you want to help us reclaim The Cup from those east bay pieces of shit.

The Douche Bag will be played a Sunnyvale Muni, which is a classic MGA course that we haven't been to in a while and is a great venue for that event.

Awards ceremonies will return this year! As long as there is a suitable outdoor area to make them happen.

Can't wait to get the season going!

El Presidente Jon "Lucky Kick" Morley