Chapter News

Shane Shidaker wins THE MGA! Bags his 1st Win.

Shane Shidaker wins his first tournament.  The MGA!.  Congrats Shane on a fine round.

Jason Misner was Most Mediocre, Jeff Stanton had the biggest meltdown, Casey Hanel got the Long Drive, Anthony Perez got the KP, Jeremey Huttner got the 2nd KP and low gross, Alejo Maciel fought for the red key and got it.

Weather mostly held out, but we got poured on at the end again.  Good times had by 

Event Results

1.Shane Shidaker85$1.35
2.Jim Stein87$0.90
3.Carlos B Blandino88$0.71
3.David Ingraham88$0.71
5.Andy Arnone89$0.53
5.Josh Perry89$0.53
5.Brett Paddock89$0.53
8.Shad Schafer90$0.34
8.Jeremy Huttner90$0.34
10.Rick McCutcheon91$0.19
10.Anthony Perez91$0.19
12.Brady Sieg93$0.07
12.Maxwell McCutcheon93$0.07
12.B.J. Koppert93$0.07
15.Casey Hanel94$0.03
15.Billy McPhee94$0.03
15.Tye Harwood94$0.03
18.Jason Misner95$0.00
19.Richard Wine96$0.00
20.Kyle Hansen97$0.00
20.Ryan Coffelt97$0.00
22.Isaac Schultz98$0.00
23.Ken Vaughn100$0.00
23.Adam Hussain100$0.00
25.Brent Riggs101$0.00
26.Robert Frazier102$0.00
27.Dan Dillon103$0.00
28.Mark Woodward104$0.00
29.Jeff Stanton106$0.00
30.Ben Holliday108$0.00
31.Tripp Peters109$0.00
32.Don Sorber110$0.00
32.Stanley Cha110$0.00
34.Doug Evans117$0.00
35.Duane Peters118$0.00
36.Alejo Maciel130$0.00