Chapter News

Silva Wins Big at Last Gasp

 Well medios, sadly it is that time of the year here in the Region. Our 2021 season wrapped up with the Last Gasp!! This tournament, like so many others this year, was a nail biter. 5 two-way ties, 1 four-way tie, and the tournament champ winning by a mere 1 stroke (although it would have been pretty freaking cool to see a tie and have it settled in a WWE style Hell in a Cell match). Finishing out the season in glorious fashion with the win was John Silva finishing with an 87. This win launched him up to 2nd in the chapter money list. This guy is clearly someone I may be adding to my fantasy team next year.

 Now on to all the other goodies. Long Drive went to the medio who also came in second by 1 stroke, Adam VanAmstel. That little 4 stroke meltdown proved to be his demise.

 Sweet Chuck showed us all he still has "it" by winning the Closest sticker. Thanks for making us all look like slugs!!

 Finishing most Mediocre for the day was Marc Cooper. Coop, make sure to keep that "golden" M nice and shiny.

 Luckily I always have two balls (minds out of the gutter medios) because we had a tie for Meltdown. Andy Gardner and Peter James both racked up an additional 6 strokes. Hopefully they had that one great shot that will bring them back next year, we all know the one.

 Ending the season with the very last Red Key was Robert Muir. Once again brother, unfortunately you will not be able to use it next year but you do have a kick-ass bottle opener.

 I want to say THANK YOU to our sponsors this season, Carpenters Local 599 and Safety Training Services. Also thank you to all NWI medios for making this a GREAT season!!!!