Chapter News

Skip, just Mediocre enough to win FORE

Less than average tempuratures, an infestation of dandilions that looked like a million golf balls, and greens harder than the cart path made it interesting for the NWIMGA FORE. 14 medios and 1 guest (a former medio) showed up for what has been one of our best tournaments so far. Crap shots were made by all and obsenities could be heard throughout the course, but in the end Skip was able to suck just a little less than everyone else to win his second FORE championship although he seemed happier to finally win a Mediocre award.

Mr. Majors put up a good fight for first, but a huge meltdown cost him his shot. he did however have laser like focus to drop a closest to pin win. Rookie medio Mike Freeman kept his shot in the fairway to win the long drive in his first event.

Like I said earlier, this for me was our best event yet. I am excited to see if we can get a full roster for the F.U. next month.