Chapter News

Skip Rises To Douchebag Status

After 2 months on the IR, Skip returned to the Douchebag ready to prove he still has what it takes to remain at the top of the chapter money list. After shooting a close tour score, Skip was on top and joined the prestigious ranks of the NWI Douchebags. 

It was a great turnout for us with 10 medios and 3 guests. Tim Ban once again banged out a sweet long drive setting himself up for a Mirdie on 8, but found himself melting down on the back. Steve Baker stuck one under 3 feet from the pin for closest. Coming back from a brief hiatus, NWI O.G. "Big Daddy" Robinson took home some gold with a Mediocre round of 98. At the end of the day, Mike Freeman found himself the winner of the always popular Red Key.

Thanks to our three guests who showed up to check the MGA out. They not only proved they have what it takes to shoot in the MGA, but they GET IT. Hopefully we see them on our member list next year.