Chapter News

"The Snake" Slithered his way through the Rough for the W

With two bail outs let’s call them Douchebags for now, 10 golfers braved the damp US Open like rough in hopes of putting together a good round. 


As always let’s start with the bad, our newest member Chris aka Red or Ginger whatever you want to call him, shot himself a glorious 130 to secure the Key to the Red tee box, coincidence I think not. 


Next up Mr. I bring my own beer and cause Chapter leader trouble at the club house, Dartt takes home a tie for 6th Place, the Meltdown award, and Closest to the Pin!


Second time out and already winning awards Matt secured himself the Longest Drive and a 5th place finish.

Mediocrity is his middle name TJ Wallace received the Most Mediocre Award by shooting a 100, landing himself in the middle of the pack. 


OUR VERY FIRST DQ goes to Brock. let’s all shame him into joining the Tour, but only if I can be your caddy :) Shot himself a respectable 79, in rough conditions.

Finally, last but not least, Jake "The Snake" Switala gets his first MGA victory with a 87. With this victory Jake has also secured himself the top spot for now on the chapter leaderboard. 


Event Results

1.Jacob Switala87$1.07
2.Scott Sample89$0.71
3.Kyle Sell91$0.59
4.Shawn Murphy95$0.53
5.Matt Wirick Jr96$0.48
6.Terry Wallace100$0.42
7.Andrew Dartt106$0.33
7.Jon Wallace106$0.33
9.Chris Joseph130$0.24
11.Ted PasqualoneDNF$0.00
17.Brock ChambersDQ$0.00