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Southwest To Offer Flights to MGAWC Next Week. Here's What You Need To Know.

THE INTERNET, CA - On June 10th, Southwest Airlines will start selling flights for the MGAWC weekend, so now seems like a pretty good time for an update on how everything is looking on our end.

Bottom line is everything looks really good, so much so that myself and co-founder "Straight" Willie Dills just booked our outbound flights (which are already available on SW). We still recommend you book with caution (refundable or with no change fees) as our final call on the event won't come until late July when registration opens. Speaking of caution... read on.


I just got caught out by this and lost a couple hundo because of it. If you purchased flights on Southwest for last year's MGAWC and then canceled them (turning them into flight credits), those credits have to be used to purchase a new ticket within one year of your PURCHASE DATE, not the intended travel date. Naturally, Southwest will not send you a reminder about this.


Everything is locked and loaded here for Nov 5 & 6 (with optional practice rounds Nov 3 & 4). Our MGAWC packages, which will hit the internet July 26th (on include hotel rooms and transport to and from the course. The hotel will be revealed once the packages are announced. So if you're all in and saying "fuck yea, let's do this", all you need to worry about right now is flights.


Revere Golf Club will once again host the MGAWC and will hold 288 "golfers". Chapter Leaders and Qualified players will play there. If there aren't enough Qualified players registered to completely fill that course, we will fill it up with all the Eligible players who finished 11th on their CML, followed by all the players who finished 12th on their CML and so on.

Those "Unqualified" players will make up the LOIQ (Last Opportunity In Qualification) field and the top half of them after round 1 will be playing for The Belt during round 2. The bottom half of the LOIQ field will be eliminated from contention and will come back Saturday to play for "fun".

The Born Hairy Championship is back as well and moving to a new course, which will be revealed when registration opens. We booked the entire course and have room for another 144 "golfers" here. Any player who does not qualify for the MGAWC will play here and will be competing for a spot in the top 16, which will earn them qualified status for MGAWC22.

Check out this eligibility guide on It will either clear things up or confuse you even more. You can email me at if you have any questions (that aren't already answered on the page I just referenced).

Kinda crossing my fingers and toes since 2006,

El Presidente Jon "Lucky Kick" Morley


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Denzel piloting that craft?

I need Larry, Curly and MOE to explain what I just read!

See y’all there!

Flights booked and ready for the rooms. Happy dance happy hapoy

I cannot wait for MGAWC21!! who knew when I skipped MGAWC19 to go watch Tiger play golf it would be two years before I get to see everyone again!!

Manimal Moose will be back in da house...… The Spirit Animal returnssssss

Can Nick Dempsey's MOM be my caddy?

Is there a special code for the airline?

Do the born hairy qualifiers transfer over from last year since there was no MGAWC?

Yes. The top 16 from the 2019 Born Hairy have qualified spots in the MGAWC. Obviously they still need to be eligible as well (at least 3 events played this season).