Chapter News

Strickland loves to golf in cold weather, wins 4th Am-Am title.

Many Columbus chapter records were shattered when the 2018 season kicked off with the Rebel Beach Am-Am held at Willow Run Golf Course.

Even before everyone took their turn on the first tee, 2 chapter records were already destroyed - Coldest Event, and Largest Field.  The cold temperatures were the topic of the day as the first group teed off at an estimated 28 degrees, breaking the previous record of 33 degrees.  But despite the fact that the snow had not quite melted away in parts of the rough, as well as on the carts, a record 28 members showed up to play some golf.  (At least the sun was shining and the beer didn’t get warm)

As the groups made the turn, the first scoring record of the day fell as new member Chuck Jackson obliterated the Highest 9-Hole record by posting an 88 on the front, beating out the previous record of 84.  However, that record would only stand for about 2.5 hours. That record would be further pulverized after Chuck decided to improve(?) his brand new record by posting a 94 on the back. Adding those scores up, Chuck demolished the previous record for Highest Round score of 154 by shooting an mind-melting 182.  3 scoring records in your first round of golf in the MGA!! Talk about impressive. But stay tuned…

When all was said and done, Jason Strickland landed on top of the leaderboard and earned himself a trip to the Blue tees at the Bastards by posting a score of 86 (87 net) to win his 4th Rebel Beach Am-Am.  Falling 2 strokes shy of Strickland was Matt Bigelow in 2nd place with an 89. Newcomer Sam Steinberg showed his golf prowess by matching Strickland’s gross score of 86, but his 4 penalty strokes dropped him to 3rd place with a net score of 90.  Rounding out the top 5… well, top 6... was Jay Sutter, Chris Roebuck and Joe Milacek who all posted scores of 92.

Oh yeah, and Connor Mazza clinched his 6th career DQ by firing a 78...

Taking home the event trophies was the team of Matt Bigelow (89) and newcomer Bill Ludwig (99) with a score of 188.  Runners-up were Jay Sutter (92) and his brother and new member Gary Sutter (98) with a score of 190. Rounding out the top 3 are John Leite (93) and Brent Isner (99) with a score of 192

But remember when I said to stay tuned?  So Chuck Jackson (182) and his playing partner Braedon Crowe (111) edged out the previous record for the Highest Team score of 289 by posting a new record score of 293.  So make that 4 scoring records for Chuck! Probably not the way he wanted to be immortalized, but look at it this way - the only way to go from here is up! And remember, as the winner of the Red Key, Chuck has the option of playing the Gold tees at The Ridge for the Bastards.


Here is the complete team standings:

187 - Matt Bigelow and Bill Ludwig

190 - Jay Sutter and Gary Sutter

192 - John Leite and Brent Isner

202 - Sam Steinberg and Jonathan Stone

203 - Chris Roebuck and Chip Chapman

205 - John Stamper and Trevor Boyd

207 - Jason Strickland and Jeff Gilligan

212 - Jeff Beckman and Kenneth Byers

220 - Josh Stephens and Scott Hall

226 - Justin Kudela and Patrick Affourtit

230 - Graydon Spanner and Dustin Schmidt

239 - Brad Wallace and Doug Short

293 - Braedon Crowe and Chuck Jackson

DQ - Connor Mazza and Joe Milacek

Event Results

1.Jason Strickland87$1.12
2.Matt Bigelow89$0.74
3.Sam Steinberg90$0.62
4.Chris Roebuck 92$0.50
4.Joe Milacek92$0.50
4.Jay Sutter92$0.50
7.John Leite93$0.37
8.Gary Sutter98$0.25
8.John Stamper98$0.25
8.Jeff Beckman98$0.25
11.William Ludwig99$0.09
11.Brent Isner99$0.09
13.Justin Kudela105$0.06
14.Trevor Boyd107$0.03
14.Graydon Spanner107$0.03
14.Brad Wallace107$0.03
17.Scott Hall109$0.00
18.josh stephens111$0.00
18.Chip Chapman111$0.00
18.Braedon Crowe111$0.00
21.Jonathan Stone112$0.00
22.Kenneth Byers 114$0.00
23.Jeff Gilligan120$0.00
24.Patrick Affourtit121$0.00
25.Dustin Schmidt123$0.00
26.Doug Short132$0.00
27.Chuck Jackson182$0.00
28.Connor MazzaDQ$0.00