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Tails from MGAWC18

Long ago in a land far, far away...
Okay so it took me over a month to write this article.  I'm supposed to be on hiatus from the MGA until 2019 so give me a break.

Anyway, here are some of the highlights from the MGAWC18 event which took place in the Las Vegas vicinity culminating in the actual tournament on November 9th and 10th.  Enjoy!


Before the tournament


Even Wookiee needs to check his social media. #mgawc18

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While watching a pretty good 80s rock cover group play on stage outside the Golden Nugget, I noticed a sign of our times on Fremont Street. Even a Wookiee needs to check his social media.  And yes, that's Johnny behind him.

Waiting for a table at Tony Roma's for dinner. I know it's a high-class restaurant but I couldn't figure out the high-tech pager.


Right outside the Golden Nugget #mgawc18

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Another night I caught Lt. Dan right outside the Golden Nugget on Fremont Street. I didn't see Forrest anywhere.  He must have run.

Thursday night entertainment provided for the MGA included Pollywog Crew, a Beastie Boys tribute group.


Tournament Day 1 (Friday)


Go time! #mgawc18 #mgatour #somanypeople

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Go time! The customary pre-tourny video of all the chapters. Watch for our players and listen for Troy's shout out.

And for nostalgia, photos of all 10 years of MGA World Championships show how fast it has grown.  Go to the following link:

New MGA audio was introduced prior to heading out: "Let's Keep Up" aka "Hey Ho, Let's Go". I think it worked since we finished up earlier than last year even with a bunch more players.

Tournament day 2 (Saturday)

Everyone gets to submit photos to nominate for the Spirit Animal award which recognizes the person who best represents the spirit of the MGA.


@50tmm as #mgawc18spiritanimal !

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Troy as spirit animal?


#mgawc18spiritanimal #mooseballs

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Moose's submission for Spirit Animal.

...and Moose goes wild after winning.



Adam Thornton has a good idea at #mgawc18, which unfortunately followed a #badidea. @dfwmga

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It takes no special talent to play in the MGAWC. Case in point...

The Medio Cup pits the best from the San Francisco chapter against the best of the rest (the World team) in a Ryder Cup style competition held during round 1 of the tournament.  Three Florida players were on the World team including Spring Hill's Padre Bedell.


The Medio Cup came down to a dramatic final match. It pitted the co-founders against one another, with “straight” Willie Dills joining the World team after his move to Austin. SF only needed to tie this last match to win the cup and they came to the final hole all square. El President relates the tale of the dramatic finish.

World team rules!

Go to this link to see all match results and quotes from the players:


World team rules Medio Cup at #mgawc18.

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Padre celebrates the World team Medio Cup win!


World team really really rules! #mgawc18

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Padre lent his Medio Cup medal to Dawn for a bit. Needless to say that this picture is more popular.

The other competition within the tournament was for the Chapter Cup which takes the total of the best three scores from each chapter.


Here are the Chapter Cup results. Hey, we didn't finish close to the last place team!


We celebrate #womanofmgawc18! #mgawc18

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Women of MGAWC18 are recognized.

The low individual net score of course wins the championship belt.  Although no one from Spring Hill came close to winning the title, we congratulate the new champ Ross G. from North Dallas.  You can follow him and his belt on Instagram @mgaworldchamp.

And here's the champ zip-lining after the win.


#mgawc18 world champ loves the #womenofmgawc18. @mgaworldchamp

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Dawn hangs with the MGAWC18 champ.

And follow the two links below to see 100's of more of the best photos for those interested in getting a fuller picture of the MGAWC experience.

MGAWC18 Medio Submitted album

MGAWC18 The Best album

That's all folks.  SIgning off for 2018.