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Techniques of modern golfing & how drinking makes you a better golfer. By ABQMGA

The 505 - February is about training. Pitchers and catchers dust off their mitts and report to training camp at the same time Medios everywhere dust off their Flowzies and golf clubs to start training for the year. After 3 months of non-sanctioned golf and winter sports, ABQMGA headed back to the course. While other chapters were going to an overpriced driving range or hitting golf balls into a polar bear rug (seriously Chris Flannagan from Yellowknife does it and there is video) the 505 took to the links for the second annual and original Wade Boggs Challenge ™ © pat. pending. Whether it was global warming, El Nino or just good timing, the chapter gathered to pay homage to a man who apparently had an iron liver and a hollow leg. Seventeen brave souls and one partially broken soul descended upon our officially unofficial home course to get pumped for opening day (March 25, 2017 at 1:00pm Ladera Golf Course).


So what did our training session teach us. Tim Murphy really likes trees and plays better after a few beers. The average number of beers consumed was 12.5 yet the scores only went up by a total of 6 strokes between the front and back nine. El Matador could be a stunt driver even with his bum shoulder. The newest ABQMGA members are really good friends. There is a guy from Phoenix named Matt who would rather fly here to play events rather than just joining the Peenix chapter. Finally, we learned that sometimes the perfect game is not enough.

Nathan “Dientes” Clem arrived on a mission. Before the round started he showed he was a polished  veteran and talked about going out there and taking it one beer at a time. He also showed he meant business when he refused a pre-round libation and talked about how he practiced under Boggs format rules the week before. He came out hot as he was -1 after four holes while he was perfect on the beer score card. Last year’s GMW was also making a run at the title as he was -2 through five holes and was also perfect on the beer score card. Neither of these Medio were prepared or even aware that their eventually crappy scores would pale in comparison to the perfect game Baby Gurl was posting. While he was fueled by sadness that his four time AM-AM partner El Matador is out till June as well as last year’s disappointment on the 12th hole 100-yard par 3, BG delivered. Oh he did not win, but his performance will go down with legends such as Marino, Kelly, Barkley, Bonds and Ewing.  Much like those guys, BG must settle for second.

You guessed it, the really good golfer who practiced won. But that is not the point. The point is this is training and while Nate will be watching March Madness with his Boggs Crown (™ © pat. pending) there is a lot to be excited about at ABGMGA headquarters (my couch). The new guys seem to mesh well and with all the beers that were consumed the scores were actually pretty good seeing as how Tammy improved by 31 strokes since the las time we played that course and John K was only 2 strokes worse after drinking an impressive number of beers.

While this tournament does not count towards the Schol brothers battle, James takes this tourney.






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When is the "How cocaine makes you a better golfer" article coming out?

This is how you do it! I'm talking about the gold brick of course. Classic MGA trophy design there!

Something tells me those new guys already have plane tickets for Vegas.