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Terry Beason wins 1st Major

Knoxville MGA played their 8th annual Bratish Open at Wind River. Not many came out for this event, maybe it was because the rough was REALLY rough! The ones that did make it out had a great time even though only 10 players shot in the 90's! David Gillett backed up his performance from Ruggles Ferry, but hot 3 strokes better with a 133(from the Red tees) and yet earning himself another Red Key! Newcomer Jacob McCulley however did tak the Most 10's trophy away from him. Mike Forcier did close out the Jackpot money has he won the LD and birdied the hole. Brandon Grooms couldn't cut him ou of the money as he won the CTP but wasn't even close to making a birdie! As for the Hole in 2 Challenge, it just keeps stacking up with money that nobody wants to win I guess?
Terry Beason took home the best trophy in the MGA Package! He won his 1st major of his short MGA Career and 2nd title overall, as he was the only player shooting in the 80's with a 86 overall on the day.

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Event Results

1.Terry Beason 86$1.26
2.Jason Bowers92$0.84
3.Russ Elliott93$0.63
3.Justin Paul93$0.63
3.Jason Martinez 93$0.63
6.Jason Pruitt94$0.46
6.Michael Forcier94$0.46
8.Bill Hickman95$0.35
9.Korey Whitlock98$0.25
9.Martin Niezgoda98$0.25
11.Sean Fay99$0.14
12.Fred Tipton103$0.07
12.Max Raterman103$0.07
14.Steven Beam105$0.05
15.Brandon Grooms107$0.03
15.Curtis Stone107$0.03
17.Jacob McCulley108$0.00
18.Daniel Vass109$0.00
19.Tom Walker119$0.00
20.David Gillett133$0.00

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