Chapter News

There is a New Bastard in Town

Our second attempt at running the 2019 Bastards was a success and we crowned a New Bastard to wear the coveted Hat and "Green jacket gold jacket who gives a shit"

Our first attempt at the bastards did not go so well. Full week of rain caused flooding at the course to only allow WALKING!! Yes I said WALKING... To add insult to injury they failed to inform us, until we arrived at the course. Therefore, many did not want to walk so we had to reschedule for May 5th. This time I made sure to call daily to ensure carts were good to go! We went from a field of 28 to 21, which is still a record breaking field for Toledo MGA!!!

As always lets start from the bottom. We actually had a Tie for the Key to the Red Tee, the two-headed monster of Rob and Mark shot a 116 to gain access to the Red Tee at the next tournament. 

After the red key we have the Warm Handshake! Stolen from my home chapter Cincinnati. These are the guys that go home empty handed, no awards and no check, nothing but a nice warm manly handshake. Congrats to TJ W, Josh, and Zach A.(who had to go to work) 

We then have the Meltdown award, He was on pace for a pretty overall Mediocre round of a 45 on the front 9. But all hell broke loose and Steve ended up shooting a 57 on the back 9 giving himself a 12 stroke distance and a score of 102, locking in the 14th spot of the top 16. 


Not exceeding expectations, and not disappointing anyone Troy secured him the Most Mediocre award, given to him for being in the middle of the pack with a 100 even. That’s right we had a bit of low scores and a lot of high scores.

In his first MGA ever, Tyler locked down 7th place shooting a 96 as well as winning the CTP contest! Unfortunately, he did not birdie the hole therefore, the Jackpot is being rolled over to the next tourney


We had a log jam at 4th place all 3 of them new to the MGA all shot 95! Sam won the long drive contest, and unfortunately, like Tyler, did not birdie the hole... therefore, the Jackpot has officially rolled over to the next tourney with the pot sitting at $22. Aaron won the low gross award, by shooting an 84 net 95! And then there is Kelly, congrats Kelly!


Finally, the Bastard of the hour John! He shot lights out with an 87, and winning the 1st Major of the year, which sky rockets him to the leader of the Money list with a $1.88. We all have our work cut out for ourselves to catch him, if he keeps playing like this! 

P.S. Some dumbass left the check at home therefore, John will have to receive his check at the next event. Again, this guy is a total dumbass for this...