Chapter News

There's Nowhere To Go But Down

The date: March 2, 2019
The place: Silverthorn Country Club
The event: The Spring Hill MGA's Rebel Beach Am-Am

All 24 Spring Hill medios plus several guests came together to show the world what they got, i.e. mediocrity.  As the contest for this year's chapter money list title got underway, one newcomer stood out above the rest.  And 12 teams battled it out to claim the two-headed trophies for the best team score.  The ensuing chip-off was one for the MGA history books, as was the "incident" on 12.
Thanks to Dawn for helping with check-in and tallying results.  Thanks to all the photographers for pictures and videos.  And thanks to Tampa medios Chris Adams and Bill Cusick for joining us yet again, and non-medio guests Keith and Allison Peterson for joining us for the first time.
Our featured medio for this event is newbie Greg Brown who got the big check.  It's actually his second tournament after he crashed and burned at the Caddyshack Open last month.  But since that was an off-season tournament, he is offically now 1-for-1 in the MGA.  Congratulations Greg on being at the top of your game with literally nowhere to go but down.


And being the first chapter to hold the Am-Am, guess which medios got on top of the GML:

The trophy-winning team was the combo of Lee Hamilton and Padre Bedell (team Pink Flamingo) after a chip-off contest with team Nogiewich/Bobrowski.  Both teams tied with 198, but only after team Pink Flamingo assessed themselves a 2-stroke penalty on one of the holes for letting Lee's putted ball hit his partner's ball on the green.  Padre later said, "I thought about marking my ball but it was not that close to the hole.  I guess I forgot what the M in MGA stands for."  Almost a big faux pas.
The chip-off began pretty well.   Bobrowski and Bedell couldn't get their chips up and down but both Don and Lee were able to put their chips close and 1-putt out to keep all hopes alive.  Round 2 of the chip-off was a little more dramatic as the pressure heated up on Don and Lee who finally showed their true mediocrity.  Watch the following video to see what happened.

The "incident" began on the 12th hole when Roy Fiehler accidentily broke a homeowner's window after his ball ricocheted off a tree.  Although suspecting that the golfer is not legally liable, Roy admitted to the agitated homeowner that it was his ball and gave him his name.  The homeowner asked to confirm it with some ID and Roy took out his license to show him.  Then things got more interesting.  The man grabbed Roy's license and quickly went back into his house.  I imagine Roy was a bit unnerved at this point, although the man came back out a little while later and returned it.  By all accounts however, Roy retained his composure throughout.  As the foursome was leaving, the homeowner asked "Now what am I supposed to do about my window?"  Roy, having now had enough, replied "Put some cardboard on it".

We changed the skins pot to now be handicap-based.  Congratulations to the 6 winners:
Hole 2 (par 4) - Mike Sulik - score 3, net 3
Hole 3 (par 5) - Randy Dunaway - score 5, net 4
Hole 5 (par 3) - Rob Mongold - score 2, net 2
Hole 6 (par 4) - Marion Kelley - score 4, net 3
Hole 10 (par 4) - Paul Normandin - score 4, net 3
Hole 12 (par 5) - Vinny Leonardo - score 5, net 4
And here are the net score results:


Net Handicap Results
Place Player Gross Score Adj. Course Handicap Net Score
1 Rob Mongold 99 38 61
T2 Lee Hamilton 98 35 63
T2 Paul Normandin 98 35 63
4 Randy Dunaway 95 31 64
5 Greg Brown 92 27 65
6 John Montagnino 102 37 65
7 Pete Bedell 100 32 68
8 David Smith 96 28 68
9 Greg Bobrowski 100 29 71
10 Don Nogiewich 97 25 72
11 Roy Huden 110 37 73
12 Ken Ferguson 102 29 73
13 Roy Fiehler 112 38 74
14 Frank Mendes 103 28 75
15 Marion Kelley 122 45 77
16 Mike Sulik 111 33 78
17 Janis Dunaway 109 31 78
18 Craig Domini 113 33 80
19 Troy McNeal 109 28 81
20 David Sulik 131 49 82
21 Larry Waterman 117 32 85
22 Vinny Leonardo 131 45 86
23 Charly Osz 121 33 88
24 Robert West 127 35 92


Event Results

1.Greg Brown92$1.12
2.Randy Dunaway95$0.74
3.David Smith96$0.62
4.Paul Normandin98$0.50
4.Donald Nogiewich98$0.50
4.Leroy Hamilton98$0.50
7.Robert Mongold99$0.37
8.gregory Bobrowski100$0.28
8.Pete Bedell100$0.28
10.Kenneth Ferguson102$0.16
10.John Montagnino102$0.16
12.Francisco Mendes103$0.06
13.Troy McNeal109$0.05
13.Janis Dunaway109$0.05
15.Roy Huden110$0.03
16.Mike Sulik111$0.02
17.Roy Fiehler112$0.00
18.Craig Domini113$0.00
19.Lawrence Waterman117$0.00
20.Charly Osz121$0.00
21.Marion Kelley122$0.00
22.Robert West127$0.00
23.Vincent Leonardo131$0.00
23.david sulik131$0.00