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TLH-MGA Am-Am 2019

New season means a fresh start, most of us are expecting to win multiple events, hopes are high.

Then that first tee shot on Southwood #1 slices way right onto Charlie Wards brand new basketball court... and your chances at the first big check of the season are gone. Hopefully you picked a partner that can carry your lame ass to a respectable team score and have a shot at the Am-Am title (really all that matters in this event anyway, more on that later).

The day started off great, awesome weather, largest field in TLH-MGA history, bla bla bla. the wind got a bit gnarly half way through the round, but that's expected at Southwood. It was a 2 man race for the big check, the rest of the field wasn't all that close.  JSG (of podcast fame) and Ian (CL, also very handsome) were neck and neck all day, as luck would have it, they were in the same group.

The early advantage went to Ian, a stout 43 was the best front 9 carded by anyone on the day. JSG wasn't far behind with a 44. The back was a different story. A few timely gusts of wind and some bad green reading from his partner (always blame someone else) had JSG up 1 (including penalty strokes) going into 18. Some stuff happened on 18 (both players double boggied), whatever, look I'm not here to talk about the past. fact is JSG won by one stroke... I, for one, am super happy for him.

And now what the Am-Am is really about... the best team! This was a beat down of epic proportions. The winning team lapped the field by 6 strokes. there really should be a 30 for 30 film on this one. One of them was playing from the tips on the longest course in the city, the other sucks at golf (couldn't even bogie 18 to force a putt off, what a bum).

1st - Ian & Bob (188)

2nd - JWebb and Hiraga (194)

3rd - Scott & Dustin (198)

anyway, THESE are your real Am-Am champs... next time you see them, make sure you buy them drinks or offer to clean up their clubs...



Jamie Van Pelt, a noob, left too soon to collect his biggest meltdown award. Hiraga took down yet another Most Mediocre... that dude is super mediocre, also happy birthday.

Longest drive is still under review, but its been awarded to Brian Dunn. JSG took down closest and Gross. Red key goes to noob Drew Hildebrand

Fair amount of shout outs for this event, in lieu of giving each its own paragraph, here are the highlights:

- Bob B carding a 43 in the back (which tied JSG as the best back 9) from the tips is an achievement that deserves acknowledgement. Guy hits his driver like 220 yrds, i mean, well done sir!

- Pete Bedell driving up from spring hill to scope out the venue for this years SHIT show, we had a blast, welcome back anytime.

- all the noobs, so far, ya'll are ok in our book, keep it up.

- Jeff Cameron, because he is famous... and to a lesser degree Tom Lang (much lesser degree)

- Best dressed duo goes to the mail men... sadly they did not deliver an am-am victory.

thats it for now, if i missed anything make sure to put it in the comment below. i will def read it... promise


Thanks to our returning sponsor For The Table!


Event Results

1.Joey St. Germain89$1.12
2.Ian Kawas90$0.74
3.Joel Webb94$0.56
3.Brian Dunn94$0.56
3.Matt Millar94$0.56
6.Scott Woods96$0.40
6.Dan "That Guy" Piotrowski96$0.40
8.Peter Ford97$0.31
9.Bob Birken98$0.22
9.Keith Gubat98$0.22
11.Jeremy Cohen99$0.12
12.Bill Fredericks100$0.05
12.William Schack100$0.05
12.Steven Hiraga100$0.05
15.Nick Mazzara102$0.02
15.Dustin Heintz102$0.02
17.Jamie Van Pelt 103$0.00
18.Jeff Cameron104$0.00
19.Tom Lang106$0.00
20.Scott Ruthstrom109$0.00
20.Phil Willette109$0.00
22.Chris Leighty110$0.00
23.Drew Hildebrand117$0.00
24.Bogus BiniekDNF$0.00

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I had a blast with you guys. Awesome group and awesome course. See you in Sept.

I had a blast with you guys. Awesome group and awesome course. See you in Sept.