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TLH-MGA The Bratish 2018

Rain sucks, i mean, it's florida in the summer... basically have 2 types of weather, 90deg with 90% humidity, or storming, the 2018 Bratish got a taste of both.

The day started out beautifully, a few clouds, slight breeze. The TLH medios were getting ready to play one final MGA event at Seminle golf course for at least 2 seasons (closing down for renovations). The original "home course" of the TLH-MGA, its seen some blow out wins, tight finishes and even "disagreements" with management.

It was a fun track, we are excited to not be able to afford it in 2 years when it opens back up!

lets get to the action on the course, really not much to talk about. We only got 9 holes in before the storm set in... and yes this was a crazy storm, reminiscent of one that happened at Hilaman a while back. after a few minutes in the club house, to the chagrin of a few medios that claimed "its not THAT bad" "ive played in worse", the event was called.

After 9 holes, "fariway" Bob Birken and Matt "101" Millar had the same gross of 44, sadly for 101, Bob has 2 less penalty strokes thus earning him the big check. Can't say i've seen a Medio as excited to win an event. Probably the most consistant "golfer" in TLH-MGA, Bob has been patiently waiting his turn since the 2014 DB invite to get his 3rd big check. in 30 TLH-MGA events, hes NEVER finished outside of the top 9... thats bonkers.

Granted, this win has a MASSIVE asterisk on it, but i doubt Bob gives a damn.

Welcome to the 2 major club Bobby!

The gross award was actually won by Nicky Mazz (with a 42), but he has like 8 penalty strokes, so yeah, lets all feel terrible for him...

After the event, as is customary after a Major, whoever had accrued enough brownie points with their significant others met up at Township for food and drinks.

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