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TLH-MGA Bratish/FORE 2019

Excited to announce TLH-MGAs new write up format! A quarterly newsletter..... (even that may be ambitious). what we are covering this Quarter, Bratish and FORE championships. Everyone has their own personal preference, but we can all agree, 2 of the top 5 most important MGA events.

first up, Bratish. From what i can remember, ths was a fun round. The Rose was Flowing in the pre tournament festivities, Township treated us right... did you know there is a full bottle of champagne in a liter mimosa, i didnt, but now i do. CCCC was a wonderful host as always.

The winner is still confused about certain MGA rules (the guy has played in 35+ MGA events and still doesnt understand how the meltdown works).... But he torched the field, that will happen when you shoot 38/43... Nicky Mazz is a filthy golfer.

Second place was taken by a real gentleman... Your Chapter leader is having one hell of a season, 3 second place finishes, 2 5ths and 1 6th has to be up there with most impressive TLH-MGA runs... but much like Dustin Johnson, people only care about you when you win hardware or go on massive Blow ragers, at least one of those looks like is out of the question.

Long drive was Ron Reid, everyone is real impressed with his length.

closest was won by some guy with a DQ next to his name... i guess he shot like 77, we are all super proud of his 5.2 handicap, Good Job JoeP. oh, yeah he won the gross too.

We are gonna have to come up with a way to change the name of the Boguskey to something involving Brian Wilder's name. Wilderskey? Briesky? just workshopping, no bad ideas.

If you have any Red Key name ideas involving Brian Wilder's name or if you just wanna say hi, feel free to text them to JSG... 321-1783


official CHUG rating : 4.0

Next up, the FORE!

Country Oaks proved to be a challenging test for this group of medios. Bugs, Trees and heat were a deadly trifecta. Steve "tall asian" hiraga had to sweat out a few challengers and won the big check by 1 stroke. 4 other "players" were within 2 strokes of his final, and perfectly mediocre "90".


Tom Lang won the long drive with a SOLID 240 yd drive.

JSG had 1 good thing happen that day, nailed the closest by a few inches.

Meltdown saw a few medios battle it out, Jamie Van Pelt and Scott Ruthstrom did some work to earn split honors.

newcomer Matt Nelson earned his mediocre monicre by hooking the crap out of his fist drive, that set the tone, and he ended up getting red key honors.


official CHUG rating : 4.5