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TLH-MGA DB invite 2018

Rivers of Natty light, cut off Jorts, tank tops, signs, that one guy who loves to remind you hes so hard-core he even went to the pro bowl, Phil..... if there is one thing tally has in abundance, its DBs.

Douchbaggery aside, man did Summerbrooke beat us up. cant remember if this has ever happened, Joe P had to play from the tips due to his Bratish victory a few months back... that didnt hold him back. the douchebag that he is, he still beat our asses.

101 ufffff.... man does 101 wish he shot a 101... 2018 could be renamed the year of the steambox. back to back events where sure fire TLH-MGA hall of famers have gotten so steamy, they coulda been considered sources of renewable energy. 101 (aka Matt Millar) was 1 phil willet meltdown away from a 3 way tie for the coveted red key.  he did take down the longest drive... GRATS!!!

Is it too soon to bring up Phils round?? our resident lovable DB posted an 18 meltdown... well done phil! thats how you win a red key.

With another slightly better than mediocre round, pete ended up in second place (from the tips!).

Nicky Mazz took down closest, so happy for him, he never wins anything.


as always, big thanks to our sponsors at "For the Table".


see you guys at the SHIT Show, TLH bringing home the Chapter Cup!

Event Results

1.Joe "DIRT" Piotrowski92$1.35
2.Peter Ford94$0.90
3.Joey St. Germain96$0.75
4.Ian Kawas97$0.68
5.Nick Mazzara99$0.60
6.Joel Webb100$0.49
6.Bob Birken100$0.49
8.Dan "That Guy" Piotrowski101$0.38
9.Scott Woods103$0.30
10.Allen Ball104$0.23
11.Dustin Heintz109$0.15
12.Chris Leighty112$0.08
13.Kurt Woodward113$0.07
14.Bill Fredericks117$0.05
15.Matt Millar120$0.03
15.Bogus Biniek120$0.03
17.Phil Willette128$0.00

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Does JSG have a pierced tongue? #AskingForAFriend

no, but he did have it surgically split like a snake, so he has that going for him.