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TLH-MGA The FORE! 2018

I still remember it as if it were yesterday, the 2015 Last gasp was the last time we saw JSG hold up a BIG check. Ten medios showed up at seminole that crisp October morning.

He's been on quite a run since then.

He is the undisputed MGA champion of the great state of Florida, his name is etched on the prestigious Seminole Cup Bowl and hes managed to claim 8 top 5 finishes out of 19 sanctioned MGA events (3x second place). Since his last win, he has earned $8.43 on tour, good enough for 3rd place during that time span... WITHOUT winning an event... how is that possible.

Well the wait is finally over, and man did we make him earn it.

Before we get to the nitty gritty, lets try and remember the epicness that18 medios witnessed last saturday at KCC.

Amidst the cheers and jeers, JSG managed to come out of the 18th green with a bogie, good enough for an 86, and making him the clubhouse leader. thanks to some god awful finishes from a few other medios (cough* 101* cough*) only Nicky Mazz and a birdie on 18 stood in JSGs way to claim his first title in 2.5 years... or so we thought.

As Nick's group approached the 18th green, the whispering amongst the medios started. Nick had an up hill, right to left 40 ft putt for birdie, an impossible shot for most mortals. with every roll of the ball, the cheers got louder. Was he actually gonna drain this putt to force a playoff? How can JSG recover? OH MY GOD, ITS GOING IN!!! HOLY CRAP! HE DID IT!!!!!! ITS A PUTT OFFFFFFFF!!!!!... or so we thought.


The ball went in. BAR NONE, the most amazing shot in TLH-MGA history, gave nick an 80 on the day, and good enough to claim the aptly named Gross Award (that shit is gross). The group started to walk over to the putting green for the putt-off.

We had failed to notice (and was kindly pointed out by a VERY disheveled JSG), our live scoring system (shoutout to Scrolf) hadn't added his final penalty stroke, giving him a grand total of 87 (80+7). one more than JSG.

And that was it, the rollercoaster of emotions on that 18th green is not something we experience often. Fairly certain JSG went through the 5 stages of grief and lost a year of his life in a 6 minute time span. But i'm sure he'd do it all over again if he could.

On to the other awards, Joe P claimed his second straight longest drive  (not sure anyone has ever done that). KG took down the closest to the pin and the meltdown (STRONG meltdown). The boguskey returned to its rightful home.


all in all, a great event.

As always, thank you to our sponsors FOR THE TABLE, you guys rock.


welcome to the FORE! winners club JSG.

Event Results

1.Joey St. Germain86$1.71
2.Nick Mazzara87$1.14
3.Joe "DIRT" Piotrowski89$0.90
3.Matt Millar89$0.90
5.Joel Webb92$0.71
5.Ian Kawas92$0.71
7.James "The Turk" Turknett93$0.57
8.Bob Birken94$0.48
9.Dan "That Guy" Piotrowski96$0.38
10.Allen Ball97$0.19
10.Keith Gubat97$0.19
10.Scott Woods97$0.19
13.Peter Ford99$0.09
14.Brian Dunn100$0.07
15.Ross Fitchner102$0.05
16.Bill Fredericks104$0.03
17.Dustin Heintz110$0.00
18.Phil Willette111$0.00
19.Bogus Biniek115$0.00