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TLH-MGA F.U. Open 2018 - is a piccolo ok?

When you think back on the events of the 2018 TLH-MGA FU... what will be the first thing you remember?


hint, if its anything other than JSG dressed up as a revolutionary war service man, I dont know what to tell you.

To say he "pulled it off" is understating it, as the fearless genera...errr presidente of our grand 'Ol MGA put it, "Looks like Tallahassee just attached the bar to a Space X rocket and sent it into orbit."

The day started with a "light" breakfast at a local spot... JSG drew early morning stares while sitting down with a few other medios to eat his scrambler in full revoltuionary war getup... move along folks, nothing to see here.

About 20 minutes before our scheduled tee time, the show started, all the medios gathered around the 10th tee box at Southwood CC. The faint sound a drum and fife/piccolo/recorder/whatever was cutting through the morning mist. when the trio finally approached the 10th tee box the music stopped and JSG gave an inspiring speech.

The FU open had officially started.

The quality of Golf played was slightly less inpiring. Kudos to Joe P for pulling out the win even with his massive amount of penalty strokes. On this day, his only real competition was our only other "less than mediocre" medio, Nicky mazz. the rest of the field struggled through some fresh uncut rough. Joe P on quite a run, 3 wins in his last 6 events. Guy can play, if the rest of the field doesnt step up he may end up being our first grand slam winner.

The real competition was between the lucky medios vying for the prestigious BogusKEY (aka Redkey). Steve Hiraga proved to be the crappiest of the crappy by throwing down a 109, not usually a number youd associate with a Boguskey, but C'est La Vie.

Rest of the event winners:

Longest :  Matt "101" millar

Closest : B Dunn

Medio : 3 way tie, but ended up giving it to JWebb

Meltdown : Scott Woods

After the event, a group of hungry and thirsty medios met up at Madison Social. place was awesome as usual, wed like to thank our sponsors For The Table for making it all happen.

Event Results

1.Joe "DIRT" Piotrowski92$1.35
2.Nick Mazzara93$0.90
3.Brian Dunn96$0.75
4.Dustin Heintz97$0.60
4.Dan "That Guy" Piotrowski97$0.60
4.Bob Birken97$0.60
7.Peter Ford100$0.41
7.Bill Fredericks100$0.41
9.James "The Turk" Turknett102$0.23
9.Ian Kawas102$0.23
9.Joel Webb102$0.23
12.Phil Willette103$0.07
12.Scott Woods103$0.07
12.Bogus Biniek103$0.07
15.Matt Millar105$0.04
16.Joey St. Germain106$0.02
17.Keith Gubat107$0.00
18.Steven Hiraga109$0.00
20.Sean AndersonDNF$0.00
20.Ross FitchnerDNF$0.00

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Panel Of Experts (4)


Hey Phil - What are you doing hanging with a tortoise? Your cart partner Dan "The Dirt" was trying to find his ball and you are out in the fairway literally promoting slow play. lol "The Turk"

oops I mean Dan "That Guy" - his brother Joe is "Dirt" but Joe kicked butt in our group amidst all of the craziness (AND I MEAN REALLY CRAZY). Was it the heat? Chattahoochee staff was asking if they needed to be "on call" at our next event. hahhahhahah

My apologies again Turk, you handled the "Incident" like a gentleman and a scholar. Playing VERY SLOW golf with a bunch of hooligans is never an enjoyable experience. We will request Phil have his wife drive him to any and events moving forward.

amendment, we will request Phil drive himself to any and all events moving forward.