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TLH-MGA - The FU open 2018 power rankings.

FU Open Power Rankings


In honor of this month’s Freedom and Unity Open, we remember the drive and determination of our founding fathers (not yours Peter) to kick some ass and start a country from scratch.  Fast forward a couple hundred years and those cousins to the East are now one of our closest allies.  What remains however is a rivalry with one side knowing they got the best of the other when all the chips were on the table.  Pretty similar to what we have in the TLH-MGA.  Although we ride and die together when it comes to events like the WC and S.H.I.T. show, we also go after each other’s throats during every tournament of the regular season.  After several years of this, we now have some rivalries, ranked below for this month’s version of The Original MGA Power Rankings.

1. Dan vs Joe P

There may be no rivalry greater than the sibling rivalry.  You need look no further to see that then to look at the stark improvement of Dan following the recent success of Joe.  No, Dan is not young, scrappy, or hungry, but he is not going to miss his shot to eventually beat Joe.


2. Bogus vs Phil

A close second in the rivalry power rankings is The Battle for the Bogusky.  And as you’ll see, no matter what, these two show up and although they’re living on the red tees they’ll continue to rise up.


3. Joey vs Ross

As of late Ross has taken the title once held by JSG, as the medio to beat from week to week.  But Joey fell from grace and Ross probably rubbed it in his face but Joey’s past patiently waiting and passionately smashin’ every expectation, his every action an act of domination.


4. Ian vs Steve

I generally try to keep this objective and not write in the 1stperson, but Ian, dude I’ll happily break my rules for you.  Lately, if I say up, you say down.  I say dollar, you say pound.   These things we can’t agree on are gonna leave one of us black and blue.  We have never agreed with each other once.  We have fought on like 18 different fronts.  But when all is said and all is done, I’ll have the trophy. Ian you’ll have none.


5. Peter vs 101

Pete: Immigrants; we get the job done.

101: There’s a couple majors I haven’t won. Just you wait, just you wait.


6. White Rafi vs KG

Another secret weapon, an immigrant you know and love who’s unafraid to step in.  He’s constantly confusin’, confoundin’ the Fredericks’ son.  Everyone give it up for Tallahassee’s favorite fighting Filipin-an.


7. Birken vs Dustin Heintz

Our only medio from the Tribe and the TLH medio with an aggressively German name.  You do the math.

8. J Webb vs Brian Dunn

Another medio trying to recapture his fire.  A new mediotryin to establish his empire.  JWebb’s started a great unfinished symphony but created his own destiny.  A league where newcomers can leave their fingerprints and, rise up.


9. Scott vs Sean

When the OGs are gone, who will remember their names?  Who will keep the flame?  Who tells our story?  So you noobs know, the plan is to fan this spark into a flame.


10. The Turk vs Nick

Hard to put these two in any rivalry really.  But one thing I can say is these two are inimitable, and definitely two originals.




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