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TLH-MGA The MGA 2018 Power thing (updated after the event)

It is no secret that North Florida summers are unforgiving both for the insufferable heat and intermittent showers that can drop flood worthy amounts of water, quickly followed by even more insufferable heat.  Perhaps that is why we look so fondly towards the start of college football season, not only because of our irrational devotions to our teams, but to the cool, 85 degree air that shortly follows. There is nothing like being in Doak Campbell rooting on the Noles while hoping to not die of dehydration.  That time happens to coincide with the nearing end of another MGA season. “Bitter sweet” may apply to no other season more appropriately. To wit, the latest version of the MGA power rankings; college football AP edition.

1. Alabama – Yup, #1 again and nobody is surprised.  That’s exactly what we would say should The MGA conclude with Nicky Mazz holding the trophy high above his broad shoulders.  Not coincidentally, we have seen consensus in the betting markets as Nick opened as the favorite and continues to find support as a top 3 contender.

2. Clempson – Long considered a paper tiger because of the penchant for “Clemsoning”, Clempson has figured out how to win when it counts and now poses the biggest threat to SEC supremacy.  One might argue this is not unlike our Spirit Animal Joel Webb, aka Piggy Bear, aka JWebb. There is no doubt that JWebb’s best shot will go toe to toe with any other Medio’s best shot. The question is; can he string 82 of those shots together in one round?

3. Georgia – Another SEC blue blood who has long played second fiddle (literally) to the cream of the crop.  Hope are high to start the season following an SEC title and a last second loss in the National Final. It’s only relatively recently that Joe Piotrowski has started closing tournaments with Dubs, but he is yet to win a money title, WC, or Florida Man.

4. Ohio State – Always a threat to win despite not being from the South.  No I’m not talking about tOSU but our own Midwestern transplant, Joey St. Germain.  He’s that medio who you think, oh he’s definitely got a shot to win this, but by the end of 18 you’re like, next year.

5. Wisconsin – Bunch of overweight white guys hoping that slow and steady overcomes offenses that were created post 2012?  Sure Dan Piotrowski you can win your first major.

6. Washington – Anybody who is willing to tell you how much they know about college football will definitely tell you how good of a coach Chris Petersen is and us casual fans just don’t understand.  What I do understand is Washington won a weak Pac 12 Championship, and that’s. About. It. I’ll tell you medios, Pete Ford is a hell of a player, you really don’t understand how good he is. So good he hasn’t won since May of 2016.

7.  Auburn – Hey it’s Bama’s little brother Auburn, who can’t even make it to the final four in the year THAT THEY BEAT ALABAMA.  Oh they also beat Georgia two weeks before that, bet you forgot about that. Yeah, this could have been a perfect spot to discuss Dan Piotrowski is only I hadn’t mentioned him in the Wisconsin slot. Screw it….Dan win a tournament already so we can revel in the glory of you beating Joe and we will roll the trees of Killearn.


8. Penn State – Steeped in tradition. Strong in the trenches. Fundamentally sound. Half backswings. Hit
the fairway. Driver on par 3s. No mistakes. Can Fairway Bob go back to back in majors? No.

9. Oklahoma – Who needs defense when you’re in the Big 12. Air it out and hope the other team can’t
convert at least one 4 th down. Can’t help but remind me of our fearless leader Ian, who will bomb it
from anywhere with no regard for touch or finesse. 180 out? Full swing 8 iron. 150 out? 90% 8 iron.
100 out? Baby 8 iron. Just hope nobody else comes out firing.

10. Michigan – I’m going to shy away from any rivalry talk after the bad mojo I put out with the last
power rankings but we all know how Michigan feels about Ohio State. And if you don’t know I
encourage you to listen to the incredible new podcast Mediocre Happy Hour, starring Matt Millar aka
101 and guest hosted by some, other guy.

Other’s receiving votes: Keith Gubat, Steve Hiraga, Allen Ball, Bill Fredericks, Bogus Biniek, Brian Dunn,
Chris Leighty, Kurt Woodward, Phil Wilette, Scott Woods

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Oh! Not so fast my friend. If memory serves me correct, not only am I a PAC 10 champion but also the holder of the other coveted West Coast Title (2018 Rebel Beach Champion). Leaders with memories like your really belong in the other Washington.

Lets just set the record straight....Dan will never beat me. That is all. Oh and I like being Georgia because I get to beat Florida. #GoDawgs