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TLH-MGA MGA Championship 2018

It's not flashy, people forget to take picutres, no prestige is associated with winning one, some less obsessive medios will sometimes even skip it in order to earn brownie points with their significant other... however, one could argue The MGA is the most important of all the majors. If only because only REAL hard core medios give a shit about it.

And buddy, we got some hard core SOBs in TLH.

Everybody seemed to have a fun day... well, everyone except our *2018 bratish champ*. Bob was in rare form, at times, his steam was used by his fellow cart mate as smoke signals to let the rest of the chapter know he was alive. No steering wheel was safe. Lets just say that streak of 30+ top 10s is long gone.

The event was taken down with ease by the Mad Australian. He shot somewhere in the mid 80s and won by like 5 strokes (i know i could click on the event and check out the actual numbers, but who has the time to do that).

longest was Bdunn, closest was everyones fav tall asian sensation (name rhymes with smiraga). the red key was won by Chris LeiKey (his name is officially changed) and a newbie took down the Gross award with a filthy 81. Smart money is on Tom Lang eventually be our chapters first ever DQ.

Special thanks, as always to our generous sponsors at For The Table.

make sure to catch up on all the TLH-MGA happenings by checking out the Mediocre Happy Hour. a podcast by 2 very mediocre hosts where they tackle everything from the TLH-MGA, to random gambling thoughts (and everything in between):


if you want more pics and videos from this event, check out our instagram page:

Event Results

1.Peter Ford85$1.35
2.Tom Lang90$0.78
2.Joel Webb90$0.78
2.Joey St. Germain90$0.78
5.Dan "That Guy" Piotrowski95$0.60
6.Keith Gubat96$0.53
7.Allen Ball97$0.41
7.Nick Mazzara97$0.41
9.Steven Hiraga98$0.26
9.Ian Kawas98$0.26
11.Matt Millar100$0.11
11.Scott Woods100$0.11
13.Brian Dunn101$0.07
14.Kurt Woodward102$0.05
15.Bill Fredericks104$0.04
16.Phil Willette106$0.02
17.Bob Birken107$0.00
18.Bogus Biniek108$0.00
19.Chris Leighty112$0.00

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Panel Of Experts (1)


Thats it, this Saturday, Im going to do the douchiest thing in the world and DQ. If you aint first, youre last! CMON 79!!!!