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TLH-MGA The MGA Championships 2019

What an eventful saturday.... 24 medios competed for the BIGGEST?? of big checks. Some say, The MGA is one of the 4 most important majors, most would agree.

I could write about the events of 5/18/19... however, like GRRM and his Song of Ice and Fire, it would take me way too long to finish the 6-7 book epic. Instead ill give you a few highlights, and let you experience the final moments through the eyes of a medio.

We had our first DQ... EVER, this has never happened in TLH-MGA history.... and what a DQ, 74... hustling prick. FYI Joe P, i am adding a rule to the TLH-MGA (unwritten) Rule Book:


Appendix 223.1 -

                     If a medio DQs any event, he will have to play from the Tips the following event he competes in.


Enjoy the Tips at Southwood.

Longest Drive was won by a Really tall Asian feller... he was hitting high bombs all day, managed to snag this little trophy, along with the meltdown... more on that later.

Closest was won by "newish" medio, Jeremy Cohen, i have a feeling hell be winning a few more trophies in the upcoming months.

Medio award went to Dan P, hes mediocre as heck.

Red key... so much to unpack here, but Bill F avoided playing ok golf longer than anyone else... well done.

At the end of the day, all we care about is the big check... It was won in Epic fashion by Joel "piggy bear" Webb.. snatched the trophy from Steve "tall asian" Hiraga in a putt off for the ages.

The video is available below and on our instagram and FB pages

Event Results

1.Joel Webb87$1.35
2.Steven Hiraga87$0.90
3.Jeremy Cohen88$0.75
4.Bob Birken89$0.68
5.Ian Kawas90$0.60
6.Joey St. Germain91$0.53
7.Allen Ball92$0.41
7.Chris Klein92$0.41
9.Peter Ford94$0.30
10.Nick Mazzara95$0.15
10.James Turknett95$0.15
10.Dan "That Guy" Piotrowski95$0.15
13.Keith Gubat97$0.06
13.Scott Woods97$0.06
15.Dustin Heintz98$0.04
16.Matt Millar99$0.02
16.Phil Willette99$0.02
18.Scott Ruthstrom101$0.00
19.Brian Dunn102$0.00
20.William Schack105$0.00
21.Bogus Biniek107$0.00
22.Chris Leighty113$0.00
23.Bill Fredericks116$0.00
24.Joe "DIRT" PiotrowskiDQ$0.00

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Panel Of Experts (1)


Playing from the tips because of a DQ would be double jeopardy....that kind of injustice will not stand in our Democratic Country.