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TLH-MGA MGAWC '22 Chapter Cup Champs

A few words about each TLH medio that competed in the '22 MGAWC. All the contributions mattered, even if your score didn't!

(1) Dan Piotrowski - Champ, enough has been said about Dan... if i keep it going he'll have to buy new hats. congrats bud

(4) Joey St Germain - Day 1 leader. Tough competitor. Impressive performance, best Caddie in the world

(23) Darryl Rudell - He showed up, top 25 after a top 10 in last years Born Hairy. bad man

(34) Ian Kawas - just happy to be here :)

(56) Bill Schack - nothing shabby about a net 190 on your first time out there.

(131) Bob Birken - an OG's OG. Happy 50th Bob. 

(153) Peter Ford - None of this happens if Pete doesn't show us the way finishing top 5 in last years MGAWC. Steady hand, keeps us in line.

(220) Keith Gubat (Golden MGA) - KG may not live in TLH but he will always be TLH-MGA. You won this too.

(68 BH) Jennifer Bendfelt - MGA field trips with Jenn are always fun (Rose Co-MVP)

(87 BH) Brett Dennis - Bet Boom Boom wishes he coulda snuck some fireworks through TSA  (Rose Co-MVP)

(70 BH) Jon Drath - Johnny Cakes wins the Born Hairy meltdown. Almost any other year this would have been the best accomplishment by a TLH medio. 

Big shout out to the entire chapter that was blowing up our phones all weekend. That you guys are invested in what's happening thousands of miles west makes this an even more unforgettable experience.



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