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TLH-MGA - The S.H.I.T. Show v3.0 Power Ranks

Welcome to a special edition of the TLH Power Rankings; the S.H.I.T. Show edition.

Five MGA chapters will make their way to Florida's capital city to compete for the 2019 Florida Man under the canopy oaks of Tallahassee.  Southwood Golf Course will provide quite the challenge for this group of average at best hackers.
5. Fort Myers - It will be quite the challenge for the southern most chapter to take the win back to the land of white sand beaches and Spring Training.  Only 4 souls are brave enough to make the trip and the North Florida humidity combined with a total lack of a sea breeze may send at least one Fort Myerian medio to urgent care.
4. Pinellas County -  "Losing Our Balls Since 2017" you say?  Well, don't expect that to change any time soon.  The luscious Southwood rough will gladly help all 4 of you live up to your motto.  Respect to PC for not sandbagging their handicaps (looking at you Fort Myers) and actually bringing some golfers with actual talent up to TLH.
3. Spring Hill - Looking over a solid roster of medios headed to TLH from Spring Hill I find myself wondering.  Is it Janis with a hard or soft "J"?  Is this an international medio situation?  Northern European?  Points for keeping us guessing. I mean, does anybody know where Spring Hill even is? Regardless, Spring Hill has the numbers and the defending Florida Man to possibly put together 3 decent rounds and take a shot at the title.
2.  Tampa - Another solid roster of medios coming from the left coast.  The mental fortitude of this group can't be understated.  Anybody who would willingly live in Tampa has to have a high tolerance for pain.  They're going to need it as they make their way around the unforgiving tract of Southwood.  As two time defending chapter champs they've shown they have what it takes to put it together in the team format.
1. Tallahassee - There are so many reasons TLH deserves to be in the number 1 spot.  The greatest chapter East of the Mississippi continues to push the boundaries of what was once though possible from an MGA chapter.  With a win this week they hope to recapture the individual title and start of run of team championships that will outlive us all. Accounting for more than half of the field and playing on their home turf, it will be an incredible upset for TLH MGA not to walk away with all the winnings.

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