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Todd Jenkins Clinches Back-to-Back F.U. Open Titles


Euless, TX — The DFW Chapter of the Mediocre Golf Association celebrated another exciting "F.U. Open" at the Texas Star Golf Course yesterday, with Todd Jenkins triumphantly shooting an 82 (net 84) to secure his 12th MGA victory. This win, marking his second consecutive F.U. Open title, propels Jenkins to the top of the chapter money list and places him within the top 100 globally.

The F.U. Open, a major tournament celebrating Freedom and Unity, saw 24 participants decked out in patriotic red, white, and blue. Jenkins, who also won last year's event at Iron Horse with a similar score, demonstrated consistent excellence despite the playful, relaxed nature of the MGA.

Newcomer Russell Blake, embracing the spirit of the MGA, claimed the "Red Key" for the highest score with a 122. Justin Hutson experienced the biggest meltdown, scoring significantly higher on his back nine, but also managed to win the "Closest to the Pin" award with an AMAZING 3" from the cup shot on a 107 yard par 3 (Hole 3). Justin Reed showcased his big boy power winning the "Longest Drive."

Matthew Dorchak finished strong in second place, shooting an 87, while Roger Dennehy was named "Most Mediocre." The event, filled with camaraderie and light-hearted competition, highlighted the unique charm of the MGA.  

With Jenkins leading the DFW field and his recent victories solidifying his seasoned vet status, the chapter continues to thrive.  Next month will prove to be one of the highlights of the year as the chapter prepares for an early AM shotgun start Fossil Creek on July 13th with an afterparty at Geoff's house on the course.

For a complete list of results and more details about the event, visit the FU Open Tournament Details Page.

Event Results

1.Todd Jenkins84$1.35
2.Matt Landrum87$0.83
2.Matthew Dorchak87$0.83
4.Roger Dennehy 92$0.68
5.Chris Phillips94$0.60
6.Barry Martin95$0.45
6.Brandon Alaniz95$0.45
6.Danny James95$0.45
9.Wesley Rogers98$0.26
9.Bryon Wagner98$0.26
11.Dan Cantrell101$0.15
12.Joseph Sisco102$0.07
12.Keith Lilly102$0.07
14.Tony Snow105$0.05
15.David Badger107$0.04
16.Justin Hutson112$0.02
17.Geoff Scott113$0.00
17.Robbie Rogers113$0.00
19.Justin Reed114$0.00
20.Rich Young123$0.00
20.Russell Blake123$0.00

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