Chapter News

Travis Strang becomes the newest Bastard!

An 80 wins it for the second straight tournament leaving the rest of the field saying WTF! It was closer than last time though.

Rookie Travis Strang does it again, shooting an even 80 (84) and proving he is worthy of the Bastard tag. He takes home the big check, $1.26, the trucker hat and the disgusting corduroy brown jacket. Being the lowest score, he also wins the Gross Award. Right behind him is another rookie and recent defect from LAMGA in Shaun Boyd who tied with Carl Swanstrom at 86. They both earn 0.77 cents for their effort. Another tie for 4th place at 87 is Greg Valenzuela and Scott Miller who both get 0.60 cents.


Michael DeSio snags 6th place all to himself with an 88 and earns 0.49 cents. In 7th place is Matt Schmidt whose 6 penalty strokes doomed him to a 91 and 0.42 cents. Yet another tie for 8th place is shared by Jonathan Reatiga and Tony Morales who shot 95 and earned 0.32 cents. Finally, the top ten is rounded out by Kenny Carlson who cards a 97 and ekes out 0.21 cents. He also wins Most Mediocre with a 49/48 split.


The Long Drive was smashed by Matt Schmidt. There are rumors it was close to 300 yards without cart path or down hill help.


The Kinda Close was once again won in the 1st group by Carl Swanstrom who stuck it to about 6ft.


Greg Valenzuela Sr "wins" the Red Key with a 131 by way of the Biggest Meltdown in 9 strokes. That's sure to get you there.


The bonus stat of the tournament was Fairways In Regulation, FIR, and was won by Carl Swanstrom with a staggering 11 fairways hit. That is definitely not mediocre.


The weather was once again perfect in sunny SoCal although it didn't help some medios stay out of the riverbed. The course itself was in great condition too. There were a few good shots and a lot of bad shots. That's just a normal day for a mediocre golfer. The next tournament is the Bratish Open at Desert Willow GC in Palm Springs. Who will survive the scorching heat and take home the Juggs?

Event Results

1.Travis Strang84$1.26
2.Shaun Boyd86$0.77
2.Carl Swanstrom86$0.77
4.Greg Valenzuela87$0.60
4.Scott Miller87$0.60
6.Michael DeSio88$0.49
7.Matt Schmidt91$0.42
8.Jonathan Reatiga95$0.32
8.Tony Morales95$0.32
10.Kenny Carlson97$0.21
11.Fred Valenzuela 98$0.11
11.Will Orr98$0.11
13.Kimiko Saito99$0.06
14.Jamie Adams105$0.05
15.Rikin Patel130$0.04
16.Greg Sr. Valenzuela131$0.02