Chapter News

True Links Course with Late Rain, Made Things Interesting

Weather issues caused a stir in the leader board, giving us a winning score of 99!!

First off, beautiful course in great shape! First course we have played this year with actual greens. Really tough course as well which caused some pretty high front 9 scores like 74,60, and 59... One of those may have been mine you guess. Once front 9 was finished everything was running smoothly until it decided to rain around the 16th hole. Us in the first group powered through except one lil girl by the name of Will. I repeat just RAIN no thunder no lightning... When we get to the club house to our surprise the last group is already in the club house with one guy already on his way home... we will call him puss cakes, for the purpose of this story. So, if you are counting that is 5 people that DNF'd in this tourney. Luckily the second group finished which gave us a whomping 5 people that finished and qualified for the Big, well in this case small check money wise... thanks to Puss Cakes and company. 

Our newest member Dave was able to secure him a 4th Place Position and winning the key to the red tee box... if Lil Girl Will would have finished he would have had his first red key...

Tied for 2nd place was Myself (won CTP and Most Mediocre) and TJ with a solid 112, we probably lost about 15 balls between the both of us

Our guest Dan aka Uncle Dan Played very well and would have got him his first MGA win if he would join. He was the only one to hit the fair way on the long drive, so he went home with a complimentary check and the Long Drive Money Clip... let’s all harass him to join def MGA material and good chance to win often. 


Finally lets get to the drama... Everyone who didn’t finish attempted in convincing me to give them 10 stroke penalties per hole they did not finished. If we did this one of them would have won which is well, #1 not MGA rules, #2 just not fair to the guys who braved the down pour. Shawn lands his 2nd victory with a 99, he also receives the Gross Award and the Meltdown Award. This should not take away from his victory though, Shawn played well on a very difficult course. Lesson learned for the guy who was going to win if he had decided to get the sand out of his vag and finish (rain would have helped wash it out)...

Event Results

1.Shawn Murphy99$0.34
2.Terry Wallace112$0.21
2.Jon Wallace112$0.21
4.Dave Redlin118$0.17
9.Kyle SellDNF$0.00
9.Jacob SwitalaDNF$0.00
9.Chris JosephDNF$0.00
9.Christopher BrinkmanDNF$0.00