Chapter News

Two Tourneys One Cup


COVID has put us in a weird spot this year, we had to re arrange our tournaments and play a few back to back, and more frequent then normal. After the AmAm which was 2nd this year we are going to be back on track with our original scheduled program!

Our First tournament of the year was The MGA, which was not normal at all. Normal Tee times and turned scorecards into a box. I failed to meet most of the new people that have joined this year. Not true MGA spirit but we all got to golf and beat the Rain, well sort off... I did get to use my brand new $100+ rain gear for two holes.

Before we get into the award announcement, I want to give a shout out to our sponsor for this event Funky Turtle Brewing Company, where our very own Troy Secrest is a part of. I highly suggest you go to their website and order some brew... THEY EVEN DELIVER TO YOUR DOORSTEP IN TOLEDO LIMITS!!!



Everyone new to The Toledo MGA Welcome, we are all glad to have you!! We start off these articles with the Red Key Winner. Our new member Brian Fisher-mock, wait I mean Hunter Mihailoff... by the way you guys look exactly alike see photo for comparison its creepy are you related?

Hunter fired off a 137 in his very first MGA event! My back hurts just typing that score. But he is not close to the Toledo record score yet so not too shabby. I also do not think he played from the Red which many choose to do so, no clue why!!

We then transition to the Meltdown Award. For this we ended up with a tie... Jason Miller and Isaiah Sanchez both ended up with at 10 stroke difference from the front 9 and the back 9. Isaiah was still able to secure himself a 16th finish with his meltdown!




Thomas Dixson secured himself the Most Mediocre award which goes to the person who landed in the middle of the pack and played the most mediocre of the mediocre.


There is a new Zak in town, not spelled the same but Shoots low scores! Zak Berkel earned himself the Low Gross award, He missed the AmAm so we missed our photo op, but we will just settle for this one ;) 


Richie Babb won the closest to the pin and birdied the whole to take home the jackpot, for the first time ever the jackpot did not roll over to the next the next tournament. He took home $43 for that birdie and a solid 11th place finish


We end up with the Long Drive winner/ Tie for first place guy Chad Arnston. Him along with Colton both shot a 91 with strokes to tie for first place. 


We ended up doing a chip and putt off before The AmAm tournament. The chip and put off started off at about 40 yards where both Colton and Chad hit the green and two putted for a 3. Next round I thought I would make it harder and do an angled shot over a bunker to a middle flag position, same result both hit green and two putted. Finally, I had enough and forced them to hit over the Bunker out of the rough to a short-sided pin. They both hit great shots, but Chad missed his first putt and left the door open for Colton.


Colton sunk his put and secured himself his second MGA Major! Only two more to go for him to make the Mrand Slam! My guess he could do it by next year, but the rest of us will play our most mediocre golf to try and make sure he doesn’t win again this year!

We next played the AmAm tournament, typically the very first event for any MGA chapter, but it had to be rescheduled two times before we were able to play #FCovid ! We also had a record turnout of 44 participants!!

This tournament is set up to ease you into the MGA season by having a Team Event for the Trophies and an individual winner for the big check.



Shooting a new Toledo MGA record and only one off his partners score Alfred Blanchard earns himself the Red Key with a 153 (Not photo available)

We then had another one of Ethan's friends win the Most mediocre award landing in the middle of the pack with a 107 Jacob Mickey also no photo available, so I found a solid one for ya!


Chris Sadowski with one of the longest drives I think I have ever witnessed in my mediocre life, took home the Longest Drive award of course! Tell us Chris how far was it? I am pretty sure I was sitting at 250 and your LD marker was at least 70 yards in front of me... Also bailed before his Op so I found a gem of a photo for him!


Ryan Heney thought he had this one in the bag. He had a 16-stroke difference from the front to the back 9. But he was edge out by Mitch Pawlak, who shot at 17 stroke difference from the front to the back. I think his 3-hole streak of 10s contributed to this victory. PS he did not stick around as well so here is a solid office pic of Mitch and his award!


A good time for a PSA by the way. If you are a 25 handicap or higher, at any point on the course, if you reach 10 strokes you must pick up the ball and move on. This one saves your back, and two saves the pace of play so you are not hacking away 15+ strokes every hole. If you have a handicap less than 25, then yes you must finish out your hole, even if you tin cup it 5 times in a row. 

The man of the hour who did stick around for his photo Op, well because I think he knew he won... Zach Pickens the original Zach shot a Gross 87 Net 90 to Repeat his AmAm title. Not only did he win, he brought home the Closest to the pin and Low Gross award! Zach has no won 4 of his last 10 events not a bad Winning %



I say best because your fearless leader, MYSELF, was a part of not only having the best team outfit. But the best combined score of a 193 edging out last year’s Champs John and Bryan. Colton's back is still hurting for carrying the team to this victory.


In conclusion, solid turn out to the first two tournaments. In spirit of the MGA our next event I do ask for majority if you can to stick around after your round. We will be doing the award Carmony on their balcony at The Legacy Course in Ottawa, MI. Not only will this save me time tracking down photos to post of you, but also the true spirit of the MGA is to hang out and drink with other mediocre golfers! Plus, when you finish in Top 16 your get yourself a nice Check from the MGA :)