Chapter News

Vaughn is the Douche Bag of the year!

Congrats to Ken Vaughn for winning the Douche Bag with a career best score of 80.  He also won the gross award. Way to go!

Most Mediocre was Jeremy Huttner, Zac Drllevich secured his 6th or 7th meltdown with a whopping 12 strokes.  Shad Schafer got the KP on the best KP hole ever selected by a chapter leader.  We think he was the only one who got on the green.  Brady Sieg got the long drive and then had a long drive home.  Michael Robustelli ‘won’ the Keys to the Red Tee.

Good times were had by all.

Next event coming up quick.  The Last Gasp 10/11 at Oregon City.  We will also crown the top money winner.  It is a tight race separating the top three by $0.06.  Rich, Alex, and Devin.


Event Results

1.Ken Vaughn80$1.35
2.william mcphee83$0.90
3.Rich Hardisty88$0.71
3.Casey Hanel88$0.71
5.David Ingraham91$0.45
5.Shad Schafer91$0.45
5.Andy Arnone91$0.45
5.Richard Wine91$0.45
5.Raymond Pierott91$0.45
10.joseph castillo93$0.23
11.Jeremy Huttner95$0.10
11.Josh Perry95$0.10
11.Don Sorber95$0.10
14.Alex Strocsher96$0.05
14.Brady Sieg96$0.05
16.Carlos B Blandino98$0.02
17.Brent Riggs99$0.00
18.John Damron102$0.00
18.Jim Stein102$0.00
20.Zac Drllevich103$0.00
21.Boris Kaidanov112$0.00
22.Ryan Royce114$0.00
23.michael robustelli128$0.00