Chapter News

Vegas is off and running ,,,, Las Vegas Bratish

We have a Cinderella story right here ,, mr Mike Davies started the day out on the RED KEY PROGRAM and pulled a 180 on us !  From red key to big check ! WTH ,,we are currently having him under protest and the LPGA is coming out for a thorough investigation of the score card . We are also conducting a steroid test as well since he said he won the long drive !!  The Olympic committee has volunteered to do the testing ! Currently we are puttting a hold on all his funds !  Big check will not clear at this time ! More breaking news to come ,, ESPN will have a news conference later .

This year is gonna be a hard fought battle for top money winner it looks like . We even have Clint Cartwright on the money board .. mr DQ has a check ! Jeff Boggs got a check ? Gonna be a competitive year here in vegas. But who would expect anything different from the best chapter in all the country ! How the other chapters see this because were getting ready for November . if you feel froggy ! 

Check out our leaderboard and the scores . We are mediocre at best ,, come join the fun 

Event Results

1.Mike Davies84$1.26
2.Bruce Morrill86$0.84
3.Anthony Foster89$0.70
4.Clint Cartwright90$0.63
5.Aaron Cross91$0.49
5.Eric Callner91$0.49
5.Ray Gonzalez91$0.49
8.Nick Bird93$0.35
9.Mario Marcelo95$0.21
9.Jeff Boggs 95$0.21
9.Brian Madrid95$0.21
12.Mike Conder96$0.06
12.Brian Sweeney96$0.06
12.Daniel Biggs96$0.06
15.Eric Lamont97$0.03
15.Eric Hamilton 97$0.03
15.Bradley Crews97$0.03
15.Patrick Petrie97$0.03
20.Jon Swanson98$0.00
20.David Bakanas98$0.00
20.antonio rodrigues98$0.00
20.Jeff Matson98$0.00
20.Jeremy Matson98$0.00
25.Joe Neilson99$0.00
26.Robert Cook100$0.00
26.Ron Stoppable100$0.00
26.Chris Crain100$0.00
29.Dustin Burns101$0.00
30.Scott Flanigan102$0.00
30.Gus Duncan102$0.00
30.Carlos Rivera102$0.00
30.Mario Ulloa102$0.00
34.James Miyasato103$0.00
35.Larry Rogers104$0.00
35.J.T. Keough 104$0.00
37.Adam Webb106$0.00
38.Collette Sinnott107$0.00
38.Chuck Bakanas107$0.00
40.Scott Ferguson110$0.00
40.Nick Manning110$0.00
42.Ej Larson112$0.00
43.John Dube113$0.00
44.Tyler sproat114$0.00
45.Marlene Clement115$0.00
46.Beau Hulse116$0.00
47.tom reichel121$0.00
48.Julius Riglioni 122$0.00
49.Dave Clement123$0.00
50.Aniolka Doremus148$0.00
51.Jon EllisonDQ$0.00