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Wake Up The Echoes, Rudy Sacked a Bronze Ticket!

ALBUQUERQUE, NM -- If we weren't too tired and drunk to carry him off the course on our shoulders, we damn well would have...cue the marching band and a dancing leprechaun, Rudy is going to Vegas! It's a story that might seem kinda familiar...

In the mid 1970s, Rudy "Rudy" Ramirez grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, dreaming of playing professional golf on the PGA Tour. Though he was enthusiastic and committed to the game, like so many of us he lacked the talent to play the game at the highest level. Or, at quite a few other levels immediately below the highest level. His dream seemingly out of reach, Rudy took a job at his family's steel recycling business. One day, his friend and co-worker suffered a kinda serious cut on his index finger from a pop top on a bud light can. Rudy knew what he had to do. That's right, he joined the MGA. 

For several years, Rudy toiled in relative anonymity, playing shitty golf like so many other medios, but never reaching the promised land. A couple of close calls, a third place here, a second place there, for five seasons Rudy showed the heart and desire that made him an ABQMGA favorite among his fellow medios. Or maybe it was the minis of tequila he always brings at ... the course on tournament day. Either way, we love the guy. So, when Rudy's hard work and generosity with the mexican bad decision juice finally paid off with his first-ever win, firing an impressive 87 in difficult conditions at Cochiti Lake Golf Course, the ABQ medios were understandably excited. Rudy not only won the 2018 FORE!, he took closest to the pin, low gross, and was not seriously challenged by anyone in the 27-medio field. It was a good day.

Excitement, however, gave way to bedlam, and Rudy's day went from good to kinda the most awesome day in ABQMGA history. When Rudy's hands were too full of trophy, big check, key chains and a beer, he asked chapter leader El Matador to open the envelope Rudy had selected to find out whether he had won the legendary bronze ticket. You know where this is going...the envelope opened, and after a moment of suspense and then shock, the canyons and hills surrounding this remote golf course echoed with the roars of 90,, 20-something ... fully stoked medios.
Bronze ticket, bitches! If there had been a Georgia Tech quarterback anywhere around, his ass would have been sacked. 

Event Results

1.Rude Dogg87$1.71
2.Jason Berrier89$1.14
3.Diego Esquibel93$0.95
4.Bruce Hinds94$0.81
4.Mike Mauchline94$0.81
6.James Rhodes95$0.67
7.Ryan Polk96$0.57
8.Kevin Causey97$0.48
9.Frank Dutton98$0.21
9.Kevin Burger98$0.21
9.El Matador98$0.21
9.Andy Schol98$0.21
9.Aaron Garrett98$0.21
14.Malachi O'Neil100$0.07
15.Rich Baca101$0.05
16.Jeff Joerg103$0.03
17.Todd Tabet106$0.00
18.Steve Essington107$0.00
18.John Kelly107$0.00
18.Andrew Griego107$0.00
21.Travis Tabet108$0.00
22.Scott Haley113$0.00
23.Jody Hunt114$0.00
24.David Ornelas115$0.00
25.Jay Jenkins116$0.00
26.Tammy Dorwart128$0.00
27.John Sullivan148$0.00

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